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William Ashby is mentioned in a biography as the great-grandfather of John Ashby.  It was written that he came to America with his brother.  It implies that his son William was in the War of 1812 and died living a large family.  This story seems to mirror George Ashby, who was a direct ancestor.  However, more research needs to be done to confirm whether he had multiple sons lost in the War of 1812 or if William and George became confused at some point.


George Ashby is our earliest verified ancestor.  He was born in Delaware about 1770 and may have been of Welsh descent. He married Ann Bayard of England and they had at least five children: Joseph, Mary, William, Albert, and another daughter before he died of sickness in Canada during the War of 1812.


Joseph Ashby, son of George and Ann Ashby, was born about 1800 in Delaware.  In 1819, he married Sarah Conarroe of New Jersey, in Butler County, Ohio. In the late 1820's, they  moved to Tippecanoe County, Indiana where Joseph was a carpenter,  farmer, and minister. Joseph and Sarah had six children: William R., Eliza Ann, George A., Job, Mary, and John Joseph.


At this juncture, we become doubly related to the Ashby family as a child of Job married a child of John.  Therefore, each branch will be followed down until they come back together.


John Joseph Ashby, son of Joseph and Sarah (Conarroe) Ashby, was born in Tippecanoe County Indiana in 1832.  He was the youngest of the family's children.  John married Sarah Foresman and they became the parents to nine children: Franklin E. [m. Laura Blizzard, Orpha Wood]  Rachel [m. Mr. Hyde], Joseph William [m. Sarah Ressler, Mary], John Foresman [m. Mary McBridge], Oliver Housten [m. Susie Ashby, Anna Curtis], Elizabeth M., Mary Lettie [m. William Smiley], Robert P. and Schuyler C.


Elizabeth M. "Lizzie" Ashby was born in Concord, Tippecanoe, Indiana in the fall of 1863. At age twenty, she married her first cousin Grant Ashby.  Read more below.


Job Ashby, son of Joseph and Sarah (Conarroe) Ashby, was born in Ohio before his family moved west.   In 1847, he married Eliza Cave in Clinton County, Indiana. Within a few years of marriage, Job and Eliza Ashby moved to near Richland, Wisconsin.  After a few years, they moved to near Fayette County, Iowa where  spent his remaining years except a brief stint in Indiana. They were the parents to eight children born in three different states.  Mary Matilda [m. Eli Burget] was born in Indiana.  William Wesley [m. Andie Owen], Sarah Lucinda [m. John W. Turner], and Miranda Jane were born in Richland County, Wisconsin.  The youngest: Susie [m. Oliver Ashby] ,Henrietta "Ettie" [m. Hiram Matthews], Joseph F., and Grant were born in Iowa,


After his wife Eliza died, Job married Mary Nelson.  However, Job died only a few months later.


Grant Ashby was the youngest child of Job and Eliza Ashby. In 1883, he married his first cousin Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ashby. It is assumed that Lizzie and Grant met during a family visit.  They would not have seemed like cousins to each other as they grew up in different states.


Grant and Lizzie settled  in Fayette County, Iowa.  By the end of the century, however, they had moved to southeast Kansas where the last five of their twelve children were born. Their children were: Sarah Ellen "Sadie Ella", Deward Clinton "John" [m. Josie Green], Harry Milton "Milt", Robert Verne [m. Lavina], Bessie, William (Lloyd) [m. Emma Witt, Lola Carson], Claude C. [m. Myrtle Allenbaugh], Grant McKinley "Mac" [m. Helen McGuire], Olive Lucille [m. Richard Allenbaugh], George Raymond [m. Eunice, Ruth Johnston], Ruby Bell [m. Clinton Wurtz], and Lester Pete Ashby [m. Carrie Witt].


Grant and Lizzie stayed in southeast Kansas until 1910 when they moved to an area about 25 miles south of Holly, Colorado, where they had 1280 acres of land with a small cabin and a storm cellar.  The land was arid and barren except for buffalo grass.  Grant and the boys had to make trips across the entire eastern plains of Colorado to reach the Rockies just to cut fence posts.  The family farmed, had a small dairy, and Grant hauled freight to stores across the prairie.  However, Grant died only five years after moving to Colorado and is buried in Garber Cemetery south of Holly.


In the early 1920’s the family made their last big move, heading west to California.


Sarah Ellen "Sadie Ella" Ashby was born in 1884, the first child of Grant and Lizzie Ashby, She married James William "Will" Thomas in 1902. When her parents moved west, Sadie Ella stayed in Southeast Kansas with her husband.  She gave birth to seven children; however, the last child died and she died only a couple of days later.  See the Thomas page for more details.










Key Locations: Delaware, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, California

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Cemeteries (All): Clarksburg,


  • Cave Family History

    Benjamin Cave was born in England about 1680. He immigrated to America, settling in Virginia where he married Hannah Bledsoe.  They were the parents of a large family including two children that are direct ancestors.  Their son Benjamin's grandson married Elizabeth's great granddaughter and their daughter married and Ashby.


    Benjamin Cave, son of Benjamin and Hannah Cave, was born in Virginia in 1735.  He married Elizabeth Belfield, who was also from Orange County, Virginia.  They had at least six children: Benjamin, Belfield, Sarah, William, Elizabeth, and Richard.  They lived in Virginia, their entire lives.


    Benjamin Cave, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Belfield) Cave, was born in Virginia in 1771.  In 1794, he married Elizabeth White and they moved to Boone County, Kentucky.  They were the parents to William, Nancy, John, Margaret, Richard, Belfield, and Felitia.  If they carried on the name Benjamin, that child is not known.


    William Cave, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (White) Cave, was born in Boone County, Kentucky in 1796.  He married Lucinda Rogers, who was the daughter of William and Sarah (Threlkeld) Rogers.  They were the parents to Eliza Ellen, Amanda, Adeline, Alonzo, Edwin, and Matilda.   After William died at age 39 , Lucinda married John Ash.


    Eliza Ellen Cave, daughter of William and Lucinda (Rogers) Cave, was born in 1832.  She married Job Ashby in 1847.  It is likely that her mother's move to Fayette County, Iowa or her own was so that they could be co-located.


    Elizabeth Cave, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah cave, was born in Virginia, where she married Col. William Johnson.  This needs further research, but it is believed they gave birth to a daughter Nancy that married William Rogers Sr., Eliza Ellen Cave's great grandfather.

  • Conarroe Family History

    There are earlier generations of the Conarroe family in America than those shown here.  However, research is needed to verify the early generations.


    Andrew Conarroe was born in Burlington County, New Jersey and lived in the state his entire life marring Keziah Johnson.


    Job Conarroe, son of Andrew and Keziah Conarroe was born in Burlington County, Indiana in 1778.  At age 18, he married Rebecca Talbert.  They immigrated first to Ohio and then in 1826 to Wea Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.  They had nine children: Sarah, Ann, Jonathan, Keziah, Rachel, Lutetia, Joseph, Eliza Ann, and Rebecca. Job and Rebecca remained in Tippecanoe County the remainder of their lives


    Sarah Conarroe, daughter of Job and Rebecca Conarroe, was born in New Jersey and moved with her parents to Ohio, where she married Joseph Ashby.  Sarah and Joseph followed her parents to Indiana settling next to them.

  • Foresman Family History

    Hugh Foresman was born in Ireland and immigrated to America, settling in Northhampton County, Pennsylvania.


    Robert Foresman, son of Hugh,  was born in Ireland.  While still in Ireland, he married Jane All. About 1756, they immigrated with their growing family to Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Eventually, they would have 14 children: Hugh, Elizabeth, John, Alexander, Samuel, Joseph, Agnes, Robert, Jane, George, Phillip, James, William, and Jane. Robert later served in the Revolutionary War along with multiple of his sons.


    George Foresman, son of Robert and Jane (All) Foresman, was born in 1764 after the family immigrated to America. He married Lettice Anderson.  They became the parents of eight children: John B., Robert Anderson, Sarah, Jane, Lettis, Mary, Anelisa, and James.  Sometime between 1796 and 1819, the family picked up and moved to Ohio.


    John B. Foresman, son of George and Lettice (Anderson) Foresman, was born in Pennsylvania.  He is believed to have married a woman named Elizabeth and had a son George. Then he married Rachel Littler or Ritter (Name given in a book).  They were the parents to twelve children: Mary Ann, sarah, John B., Rebecca Bryan, Robert Littler, Rachel, Charles L., Letice, Martha, Matilda, Elizabeth, and a son.  At some point, John and family moved to Tippecanoe County, Indiana where they lived for many years.


    Sarah Foresman, was born in Ohio and moved with her parents to Tippecanoe County, Indiana. In 1853, she joined in marriage with John Ashby.

  • Rogers Family History

    Peter Rogers was born in 1677 in England and married Mary Armistead of Virginia.


    Joseph Rogers is believed to be the son of Peter and Mary (Armistead) Rogers.  He was born in Virginia about 1701. He married  Lucy Burgess and possibly Sarah Harrison.


    William Rogers is believed to be the son of Joseph and Lucy (Burgess) Rogers. He was born in 1744 and married Nancy  Ann Johnson, daughter of Col. William Johnson and Elizabeth Cave.  See Cave for more details.


    William Rogers born 1767 is believed to be the son of William and Nancy Ann (Johnson) Rogers.  He married Sarah Threlkeld in 1789 in Kentucky.  They were the parents to eleven children: John, Barnett, William, Mahala, Elizabeth, Elijah, Benjamin Taylor, Johnson, Lucinda, Minerva, and Almyra.


    Lucinda Rogers  was born in Boone County, Kentucky in 1799. She married William Cave, son of Benjamin Cave and Elizabeth White.  See Cave for more details.

  • Threlkeld Family History

    William Threlkeld was born in Virginia before 1700.  He married Ruth.


    John Threlkeld was was born in Virginia about 1742.  He married Nancy Ann Johnson/Johnston, daughter of Peter and Margaret (Gaines) Johnson/Johnston (not the same Nancy Ann Johnson as mentioned in the Rogers family.


    Sarah Threlkeld was born about 1771 in Virginia.  She married William Rogers, son of William and Nancy Ann (Johnson) Rogers. This family is quite confusing and although this data is believed to be accurate, more research is needed to verify these complex relationships.

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