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Alexander Conner is believe to have been the first Conner ancestor born in America.  He married Elizabeth Jackman in 1803.  Although there are still questions  on this family, data and DNA seem to support Alexander and Elizabeth as the earliest of our line in America.  Alexander is believed to have roots in Ireland, but this is unconfirmed.


Alexander and Elizabeth are believed to have had six children: Cornelius, William, Roena, Thomas Gallatin, Elizabeth L. and John M.   The family made its way westward from Virginia to Kentucky and points west.  Thomas and John made their way to Bourbon County, Kansas, where both died a few years apart.


Thomas G. Conner is the  earliest Conner fully verified to be in our family line.  He was born in 1809 possibly in Kentucky.  He married Martha Whitworth, who was seven years his junior. They are believed to have had eleven children: Thomas, Nancy (Elizabeth), Sarah V., Julia S., Benhamin F., Eliza Jane [m. George Thornton], Willis Alexander, Emily A. "Emma" [m. Hugh Portwood], Hillard F., Margaret [m. Hugh Portwood], and John W. [m. Mary E. Johnson]. The oldest children were born in Missouri and the later children were born in Macoupin County, Illinois.  By 1869, the family had moved to Drywood Township, Bourbon Co, Kansas.


 Willis Alexander Conner, son of Thomas and Martha (Whitworth) Conner, married Mary Isabella Portwood, daughter of Woodson Portwood ("Staunch Old Time Repulbican" per the Ft. Scott Newspaper) and Martha Galey McCammon.


 Willis and Mary had seven children, which were born and raised in Bourbon County, Kansas. Their children were as follows: Lydia May who married Harvey Underwood, raised five children, and remained in Bourbon County her entire life; Donald Willis who married Icy May Turner and Ruby Geraldine Ball and raised eight children; John(Frank) who married Anna Wilcher; Millicent "Millie" F. who married John H. Jamison and had at least five children; Della; Dudley D; and Thomas.



Della M. Conner, daughter of Willis and Mary (Portwood) Conner, married Henry Pellett.  She died at only 33 years of age.

Hugh Portwood Family


Front: Arma, Hugh, Margaret, Willis

Back: Woodson Maynard, Anna, Allie, Alfred

Key Locations: Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee

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Cemeteries (All): Clarksburg, Custard, Large/Pleasant View

  • Jackman Family History

    Thomas Jackman was born in Virginia in 1707.  He married Hester Wright.  They are believed to have had twelve children: Thomas, Richard, William, Adam, Betty, Hannah, John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Rebecca, and Sarah.


    William Jackman, son of Thomas and Hester (Wright) Jackman, married Judith Monroe.  They were the parents to eleven children: William Len, Thomas, John, Elizabeth Eleanor, Sarah Ann, Adam, Margaret, Mary T. James, Alexander, and Judith.  William moved from Virginia to Kentucky, where he died in 1838.


    Elizabeth Eleanor Jackman, daughter of William and Judith (Monroe) Jackman, married Alexander Conner.

  • Portwood Family History

    Simpson Portwood is the earliest confirmed Portwood ancestor.  Although his parents are not confirmed, he is believed to possibly be the son of Ludy Portwood and his wife Elizabeth.  Simpson was born in Kentucky in 1801.  He was married to Anna Lamb in  1823.  They were the parents to nine children:  Woodson [m. Martha McGammon, Ann McMenomy], William [m.Elizabeth Atterberry, Sarah Luke, Mrs. Margaret Price], John B. [possibly married Nancy J. or Martha J. Lamb], George Washington [m. Martha Denton, Mary Sue Armstrong, Sarah Boleyn], James J. [m. Phereby Campbell, Mary Jackson] , Rueben D., Mary Elizabeth [m. Daniel Jaggers], Martha Jane [m. William Donnelson], and Henry S. [m. Margaret Workman, Armilda, Catherine].


    Simpson and Anna moved from Kentucky to Indiana to Illinois and finally to   Bourbon County, Kansas, where they spent their final days.  They are buried in a small cemetery near the Crawford County line.


    Woodson Portwood, son of Simpson and Anna (Lamb) Portwood, moved with his parents as they made their way westward.  He married Martha McCammon.  They became the parents to eight children: Charles (Simpson) [m. Mary Jackson], Hugh [m. Emma Conner, Margaret Conner], Matilda E., Lydia Ellen [m. Thomas J. Endecott], Ann, Zilleson, Mary Isabella, and George W. [m. Sarah].


    Martha died while they were living in Illinois and he remarried to Ann McMenomy.


    Mary Isabelle, daughter of Woodson and Martha (McCammon) , married Willis Alexander Conner.

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