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I am always looking for more information on the many families that make up my family history and as  you can see I am willing to share information with others.  The information on this site is, however, only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the records that I have collected.  If you are interested in specific records, email me and I will let you know what I have available.


Please also share records that you have found.  Every record helps make a more robust history of the family.


I am currently compiling a history of the McCracken-Peelle family and their allied lines.  However, I am also collecting information on the other families for possible future histories.


Some of the types of information that is of interest includes:


Family Trees

    - All the basics: names, birth, death, marriages, divorces,

    - Religion, occupation, military service



    - Photographs of ancestors or descendants

    - Group photos of the family

    - Photos that show characteristics, hobbies of a person


    - Note: Low quality photos can often be salvaged so don’t

      discount them.



        - Licenses (driving, fishing, hunting, etc.)

        - Land records (mortgages, abstracts, deeds)

        - Obituaries, wills, death records

        - Bible records, newspapers, histories

        - Family letters

        - Locations & maps of family homes and businesses


Stories and Memories

        - Famous people that you heard you may be related to

        - Funny stories

        - Meaningful moments

        - Traditions (religious, holiday)

        - Movement of families: when, where, and why they moved


Sending information

        - Send electronically

                - Photographs and images are preferred in jpeg

                - Documents and information can be accepted in

                  MSOffice formats, MAC formats, PDF, and

                  raw email

                - Contact me if you have a different format

        - Send paper copies via U.S. mail

                - Contact me for details

                - Don’t send original documents or photographs through the mail if it

                   is the only copy

                - Indicate if materials need to be returned

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