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Key Locations: Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky

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Who were Roger Ellis' Parents and where did they come from?


is relatively straight-forward to trace my Ellis ancestry to a man named Roger Ellis.  From there, however, the ancestral road becomes much more difficult to follow. This page examines what is known about Roger Ellis and key Ellis families in America at the time.


Roger “Toddy” Ellis was born in Pennsylvania in 1782.  The first record found that can be confirmed to be our Roger Ellis was in 1804, when he married Susannah Lewis in Shelby County, KY.  Prior to that a tax record shows a Roger Ellis living in Franklin County, KY in 1801.  Given the proximity of Franklin County to Shelby County and the fact that the name Roger was not common in the Ellis family, it is likely  that Roger Ellis of Franklin County, KY is the same man who lived in Shelby County, KY. However, it remains possible that these were two different men.


Once Roger is married, enough records exist to trace him and Susannah as they  moved to Ripley County, IN and lived out their lives.  The 1850 Census, which was the first to name all family members living in a household, is essential in tying Roger to our family.


The Census form from Ripley Co. Indiana shows a 67 year old Roger "Elless" who was born in Pennsylvania. with a 65 year old Susan (his wife) from Virginia, a 32 year old Rebecca, a 25 year old Susan (his daughters) and a 45 year old Jeremiah.  Roger's property was valued at $2000.  Just prior to Roger's family in the census record is a 47 year old David "Elless" (b Ky) and his family.  It is from David that our family descends.  From this and other census and property records, most of Roger's  immediate descendants can be identified.

Does Spelling Matter?


In many old records spelling is meaningless.  Often individuals didn't even know how to spell their own name so those who recorded information in the census, wills, marriages, and other records did their best to write a name based on experience and how the name sounded.


The same seems to be true for the Ellis family with a major caveat. The family Bible said it was owned by David Alles and the other names recorded are Elless.  Also, it seems that although the Ellis spelling is used, this family used the Elless or Elles spelling except that our branch in Kansas used the Ellis spelling.  So, when searching records with Elles and Elless get a little extra attention.  It seems there were many spellings of Ellis or similar names and over time many of them moved toward the Ellis spelling. Some of the spellings:

        Ellis, Elless, Elliss, Elles,  Elice, Ellys, Elias, Eilis, Eiliss, Elic, Elis, Eliason

        Alles, Alless, Alice, Ayles, Allis, Allys, Alic

        Ellifs (This is really a misunderstanding of the handwritten Elliss)

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Ellis Bible Records

Description of "Ellis" Family Bible Records


Source: Ellis Cousins Newsletter, Fall 1991


Names mentioned: Allis, Elless, Ellis


Note: Unclear if the "Ellis" references are from the Bible or are added by the author.



The Bible of David "Allis" Ellis or Elless is interesting and seems to be the earliest source for Roger. Shown above is a snippet of the Ellis Cousins Newsletter from Fall 1991 (copy obtained from the Dallas Public Library), which contains information about Roger Ellis.  The information includes our family line and at the time of the newsletter was in the possession of a direct descendant of Roger’s oldest son James.  The name of the owner of the Bible was David Allis and was purchased in Georgetown.  Unfortunately, the Bible does not indicate the state where the purchase was made.  There are three probable choices:  Georgetown, Kentucky, which was only two counties away to the East of Shelby County, Kentucky; the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C.,; or Georgetown, Pennsylvania of which there are three with one in each of Beaver County, Lancaster County, and Luzerne County.  Of note, is that in 1873 there was a Roger Ellis that owned land in Carbondale Twp, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. At that time, there was also a Samuel Ellis living adjacent to Roger.  Our Roger was not born at this time, but since the name Roger Ellis isn’t common, it is reasonable to investigate any Roger Ellis found as a possible relative.


We do not know how David Allis, owner of the  Bible was related to Roger Ellis.  The Bible lists the birthdate for a David Elless that was two years prior to Roger’s birthdate.  He would have been 17 in 1797 and it is possible that the Bible belonged to him.  It is also possible that the Bible belonged to Roger’s father or uncle.


If we analyze the birth records in the Bible, we find that it is not possible for all of the people listed to be siblings as Jeremiah and John are born a month apart.  Furthermore, the last birth listed is James whose birth date matches that of James’ son.  It is, however, likely that at least the earliest listed births were of siblings.  It is also likely that the Jeremiah that is listed is the same as the one that was living with Roger in 1850; however, the census does not provide a relationship between the two men. Therefore, this Bible gives us clues and a set of names to research, but no specific answers.


Names listed in Bible:  The following is an analysis of the names in the Bible and possible matches to these people.


Note: The 1999 article says that all the names are listed as Elles, Elless, or Ellefs (which is really a way of writing Elless); however, each name is not reflected uniquely in the 1991 article.  (Oh, what I would do for a picture of the Bible pages)


Richard 1779:


  Richard Ellis - Scott Co, KY where the Bible was purchased . . . was there in 1800, but not in future census records


  Richard Ellis  - Shelby Co, KY

  • 1810 Richard Ellis Shelby Co, KY of the correct age range
  • 1820 Richard Ellis Shelby Co, KY of the correct age range
  • It is very possible that this is the same Richard as was in Scott Co, KY in 1800


   Richard Ellis  - Switzerland/Jefferson Co, IN

  • 1830: There is a Richard Ellis in Switzerland Co, Indiana; however, this Richard is far too young to be Richard 1779.  It is perhaps his son because there is a woman in the household the correct age to be Richard 1779’s wife.  The woman is 50-59 and the next oldest male (assume Richard) is 20-29. So, perhaps Richard 1779 died and for whatever reason his wife moved the family to Switzerland Co.  There are two other children in the household.  Also, it appears that there may be a mark for a man 70-80 years, but that wasn’t transcribed and it is unclear if it is an actual mark, from the reverse side, or a stray mark.
  • 1840: There is a Richard Ellis in Madison, Jefferson Co, Indiana.  This might be the same family having a male 30-39, a woman 60-69, and a younger male.  However, now there is a male 60-69.  So, is it Richard 1779?  Is it a different family?
  • See Richard 179x for more analysis of the younger Richard.


      Richard Ellis of Casey County, KY


  • He arrived that area by 1800.
  • Some researchers think he marries a woman named Elizabeth Jones in Harrison County (Next to Scott  County where the Bible was possibly purchased).
  • DNA matches with someone who claims him as an ancestor and another Ellis from Casey County
  • At least one record lists his name as Elless.
  • It says birth 1770, but I think that is an estimate as I found no proof.  Still, it says he was a pioneer and came to Casey/Lincoln County at age 17.  If it was our Richard, age 17 would be the year after he married in Harrison County, which seems to make sense.  He married and moves out on his own. If he was really born in 1770, age 17 would be 1787 and that would mean that he moved to the area, then went back to Harrison County and married, and then returned to Casey//Lincoln County.  That is also feasible.


David 1780:


  • If this is the David that owned the Bible and given the Bible ended up in the hands of Roger’s offspring, it would seem reasonable that David died without any children or that they were young when he died and he gave his Bible to Roger.  It also seems most likely that David was a brother to Roger.  It would also imply that David died prior to Roger’s son James’ departure to Minnesota since the Bible ended up in the hands of James’ descendants.
  • If he is the David that owned the Bible, he died sometime after Nov 27 1797.
  • In 1810, there is a David Ellis in Bourbon County, KY.  There is a male in the household the right age for David; however, this family has slaves and none of the other possible matches have slaves.  This one appears to continue to live in Bourbon County in 1820.
  • In 1820, there is a David Ellis in Shelby County, KY.  There is a male of the correct age range to have been born in 1780.  Additionally, there is a female 26-44 and a female 16-25.  It would seem that one of these women is likely not a direct member of his family.  Perhaps she is a sister-in-law, sister, or someone else. There are two children - a male and a female under age 10.  These could be children of this David.
  • In 1830, there is a David Ellis in Shelby County, KY that may match the family from 1820, but there is enough change in the family that it is hard to draw a strong conclusion.
  • In 1840, there is no David Ellis in Shelby County, KY.  There are two in Dearborn, IN, but both are too young to be this David.


Roger 1782:


Roger’s family will be discussed in a separate section.


Ann 179x:


  • There is a will for John A. Ellis in Ripley Co, IN 1856.  He mentions his daughter Ann Hatfield.  He also mentions Sarah M. Mascoe, Richard B. Mascoe,  Samuel Masco, Roger Ellis (executor), and Rebecca Ellis(witness)
  • There is an Ann Ellis that married Peter Masco in 1810 in Boone Co, KY, which is on the KY border not far from Ripley County. This marriage date could work if she was born 1795 or earlier.
  • Researchers claim Ann and Peter were the parents of John Ellis Mascoe, which makes sense that he might be named after Ann's father.
  • In 1850, John Mascoe and John A. Ellis are living in Trimble Co, KY on the northern KY border.  The three oldest kids living with John Mascoe are Richard, Samuel, and Sarah.  However, there are other children.  Perhaps John Ellis was not aware of the other children or for some reason selected only the oldest.  It also means that John was listing great grandchildren in his will.  This was possible as the 1850 census indicates he was born about 1770. So at 80, he could have great grandchildren.
  • Peter Masco is listed in 1812 in Franklin Co, Indiana (nearby). He is also listed in War of 1812 records and subsequently given 160 acres of land.
  • The name Peter Mascoe shows up in relationship to Arkansas land office and in 1875 in Minnesota.  If this is the same man and he is still living, then Ann and him would have divorced if she was a Hatfield at the time of the writing of her father’s will.
  • John Ellis Mascoe was born about 1812, perhaps their only child.
  • The 1850 census also states that John Ellis was born in Pennsylvania, making him a likely candidate for Roger’s brother.
  • John A. Ellis was listed in Trimble Co, KY in 1840 with the spelling Elles.  It lists him, his wife, a 20-29 male and a 30-39 female.  Perhaps the female is his daughter Ann, although she should be over 40 at the time.
  • A good question is, “Why is his will in Ripley, IN when it appears he lived for a long time in Trimble, KY?”
  • In 1860, there is an Ann and John Hatfield of Illinois.  This Ann was born 1796 in KY.  It is possible that John is the same John Hatfield mentioned under Jeremiah.  The birth years aren’t the same, but are relatively close. However, if this is the correct birth year, she married at age 14. There is also an Ann Hatfield in Laurel County, KY who does not appear to have a spouse.  That Ann was born in 1790.


Richard 179x:


  • One Richard that might fit this Richard was in the poor house in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 census due to the fact that he was blind. It is especially interesting since David had a son that was blind.  However, the cause of blindness could be for different reasons.
  • 1850 lists him as born 1790 KY
  • 1860 lists him as born 1795 KY
  • 1870 lists him as born 1795 VA
  • There is a Richard Ellis in the  1830 census for Switzerland County with a male 20-29 and a woman 50-59.  This could be the same man although it would appear the record is for a younger man.  The wrong column could have been checked.  There is also a James with the same column checked and it might be James Miller Ellis.  Also, it appears that there may be a mark for a man 70-80 years, but that wasn’t transcribed and it is unclear if it is an actual mark, from the reverse side, or a stray mark.
  • 1840: There is a Richard Ellis in Madison, Jefferson Co, Indiana.  This might be the same family having a male 30-39, a woman 60-69, and a younger male.  However, now there is a male 60-69.    Is it a different family? Or was the father temporarily missing in the 1830 census?



James Miller 1798:


  • Married Mary Hill Switzerland Co, IN in 1818. The marriage record has his full name, so we know this is him.
  • There is a James Ellis listed in the 1830 census for Switzerland Co, IN, but the age range is 20-29 and it should be 30-39.  Is it him?
  • There is a James Ellis listed in the 1840 census for York, Switzerland Co, IN, but the age range is 30-39 and it should be 40-49.  Is it him?  It seems likely since he is in the same location in 1850.
  • 1850 Census:  James (52), Mary, Margaret (18), and Jeremiah(14) in York, Switzerland Co, IN.  It lists his birthplace as Ohio. Ohio may make sense based on a family listed below as a possible match for Roger’s family.
  • What happened to this family?  They seem to disappear after 1850 and I can’t find them anywhere. There is a Mary Ellis that married a James Cotton in 1851 and based on census records could be approximately the right age for James’ wife.


Elizabeth 1801:


  • There is an Elizabeth Ellis that married John Winters 1822 in Switzerland County.
  • There is an Elizabeth Ellis that married John Ellis 1830 in Switzerland County.
  • There is an Elizabeth Ellis that married Joseph Voyles 1820 in Jefferson County.
  • Family trees show that Stephen Ellis and Rebecca Lewis had a daughter Elizabeth.   Trees show her to be born with a different birthdate in 1800 and being the Elizabeth that married Joseph Voyles.
  • No matches found with any level of confidence.


Jeremiah 1804:


  • Jeremiah of this age was living with Roger in 1850.
  • In 1855, a Jeremiah Ellis filed a will in Ripley County.  Names included his wife Lukana/Luhanna/Lewhana, son(s) John R. Ellis and John B. Ellis(Note: on close reading of the will this appears to be the same person as it refers to the same land description), and Alphonso Hatfield.  I believe Alphonso is his wife’s brother.   In 1850, Lukany Hatfield is living with Alphonso Hatfield and John Hatfield, who would be the age to be Lukany and Alphonso’s father or grandfather.
  • Since John A. Ellis’ will is the year after Jeremiah’s, is Jeremiah John’s son and is Jeremiah’s death what brought John to Ripley county?
  • Jeremiah m. Nancy Mattock 1825. Is this the same Jeremiah?


Sarah 1807:


  • There is a Sarah Ellis that married Elias Heustis in 1831 in Dearborn County.
  • There is a Sarah Ellis that married Henry Low in 1833 in Dearborn County.
  • No matches found with any level of confidence.


John 1804:


  • In 1830, there is a John Eliz in Ripley County, IN age 20-29.  There is also a female of the same age range and a female under age 10.
  • In 1840, there is a John Elles in Ripley County, IN age 20-29.  There is also a female of the same age range and a male under age 10.  I assume this is not John listed in the Bible, but perhaps Roger’s son John.  This John is too old to be Jeremiah’s son.
  • Not sure if any of the following are this John or not.
  • John Ellis married Nancy Dowers 1848 in Ripley, IN.
  • John Ellis married Cynthia Faught 1828 in Ripley, IN.
  • John Ellis married Eliza Skeen in 1843 in Ripley, IN.


Nancy 1800:


No matches found with any level of confidence.


James 1805:


This appears to be Roger’s son or at least the James that we believe to be Roger’s son.


Next Steps:


The Ellis Cousins Newsletter includes a transcript, but could there be more clues in the original Bible?   Perhaps the Bible can be found and scanned.


The spelling of Elless is interesting.  While there was a lot of irregular spelling in the 19th Century, it seems the Tuckahoe group consistently used Ellis, as Roger did in census, land and marriage records, before 1850.   However, the family’s name is recorded in the 1850 census with the spelling of “Elless.” The Minnesota branches of his family (James and Wesley) continued to use the “Elless” spelling and possibly some of the other children .  Perhaps Roger used the “Ellis” spelling while around the Shelby Ellis family, but reverted to “Elless” later in life. Or perhaps, people assumed the “Ellis” spelling because of other families.


Clues From Roger's Grandson's Biography

History of Clay County, Iowa From Its Earliest Settlement to 1909 by Samuel Gillespie and James E. Steele was published in 1909 and included a biography of Thomas Marion Elless, who was the son of James Lewis Elless and grandson of Roger Ellis.


This biography begs more questions than it answers about the history of this family. It is truth intermixed with some inaccuracies? Is the story misleading on purpose because this branch of the family wanted to distance itself from the rest?  Or, is it just ramblings of someone telling a good story?


“James, the only survivor” - At the time, he left Ripley, Indiana, his siblings were living.  Also, as the article states, he had passed by the time of the article.  So, why does this indicate that he was the sole survivor? What if the bio was a bit mixed up and instead of James not having any remaining siblings it was Roger or Thomas that had no siblings living at some point? We know Thomas’’s brothers died young although if research is correct he may have had a half-sister living.


“The grandfather” - Why was Roger not mentioned by name?  Thomas would have been old enough when they left Ripley, Indiana to remember his grandfather and the family had the family Bible so his name was recorded.


The list of siblings - Was David and Martha just overlooked or was were they left out for some reason?


Records lost - The article states that all the family records were lost.  Yet, it is known that James’ descendants had as of a few years ago, the family Bible.


The great-grandfather - The article provides a story about the paternal great-grandfather.  It is assumed that the article is referencing his grandfather’s (Rogers’) father. The mention of Pennsylvania is consistent with records showing that Roger was born in Pennsylvania.  However, it states that he was a stowaway and a Revolutionary Soldier.  Both of these are possible, but also suspect because of the other inaccuracies and the fact that his name was lost.  Families were very proud of their Revolutionary War soldiers and would likely have talked proudly about his service.  Not only did this article provide no details of his service, no stories about him being a Revolutionary War soldier were passed down in our branch of the family.


Heritage  - The article indicates the family is English, Irish, Welsh, and Dutch.



Excerpt from History of Clay County Iowa From Its Earliest Settlement to 1909




Thomas Marion Elless, who has followed agricultural pursuits all his life and is now operating a large farm in Garfield township, is a native of Brown township. Ripley county, Indiana, born March 22, 1837, and a son of James and Matilda (Harns) Elless. natives of Kentucky, who located in Indiana in 1800 when that country was in a primitive condition and inhabited by Indians. 'When a young man his great-grandfather on the paternal side left Ireland with a companion and succeeded in being secreted in the hold of a ship bound for America. In this manner he made his way to the new world, where he became a soldier in the Revolutionary war. after which he removed to Pennsylvania and thence to Kentucky, becoming a pioneer in both states. He is the founder of the family in this country. His given name is unknown, all family records having been lost.


The grandfather of Thomas M. Elless was a resident of Kentucky and at the time he located it settlers were permitted to select their own tracts of land, mark them out to suit their own convenience and upon returning their field notes to the government authorities they secured the title to the property. This was a very illy devised method, as people made little provision for roads and consequently else thoroughfares were few and narrow and ran in every- direction. Its his family were James, John, William, Wesley, Nancy, Polly, Becka and Susanna. James Elless, the only survivor, removed with his family from Indiana to Winneshiek county, Iowa, in 1853 and two years later went to Fillmore county, Minnesota, where he departed this life in his eighty-third year.  His wife passed away in 1865 in her sixty-fourth year, while on a visit to the place where she was married. Her ancestors were of English and Welsh descent, while her husband on the authority of his father was of English, Irish, Welsh and Dutch extraction.


The district schools afforded Thomas Marion Elless his education and in his twentieth year he left his father's farm and started out its the world for himself, spending two years in Kentucky and Indiana. Its 1888 he settled in Garfield township, Clay county., Iowa, the place being then known as Herdland township. He purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land on section 35, for which he gave eight dollars an acre and with the exception of a little over a year, which gave eight dollars an acre and with the exception of a little over a year, which he spent in the town of Marathon, he has since resided on this fasts where he has been engaged in producing general crops. also giving some attention to live stock. Here he has lived to see his family grow up around him and all comfortably settled in life and. having worked hard throughout his career, always evincing a high degree of industry and enterprise, together with good management and economy,he is now planning to give up active life and retire to the town of 'Marathon to spend his declining years in retirement.


On October 30, 1862, Mr. Elless was united in marriage to Mary Catherine Cole. daughter of Abner and Mahala (Oneal) Cole, natives of Kentucky. who at an early day went to Indiana, where her father passed away in 1884 and her mother seventeen days later.  In her mother's family were many children, all of whom are now deceased. while the members of her father's family have also long since entered into rest. To this union have been born: Mahala is the wife of A. E. Wright, and they live in Payette. Idaho. with their children : Emery Leonard, Verne, Glenn and Bessie.  Matilda is the wife of John Fishbaugher, a resident of Fillmore county, Minnesota, and they have four children: George, Franklin, Glenn and Lee, all of whom reside with their parents.  Elzora is the wife of George Delaney and they reside in Garfield township with their two children. Owen and John. Edward married Daisy Murray and resides in this county.  Frances wedded J. R. Cross and they are living in Dewey county, Oklahoma.


In politics Mr. Elless is usually its accord with democratic principles and sates for the state and national candidates of the party, but at local elections casts an independent ballot, supporting the men who. in his opinion, are best qualified for the offices they seek.  His own public service has been commendable. fie was for five years a member of the school board and has ever been a stalwart champion of the cause of public education.  For six years he served as justice of the peace and it is to his credit that during his incumbency in that office he never tried a lawsuit.  Not because none were brought before him. but by reason of the fact that he always succeeded in bringing the contesting parties to a mutual agreement. He has been a member of the Baptist church since he was twenty-one years of age and is a zealous and faithful Christian.  His life has ever been upright and honorable and in his record there are many qualities worthy of emulation.  He has now passed the seventy-second milestone on life's journey and his activity and enterprise in former years well entitle him to rest throughout his remaining days.  He has not only by capable management and unfaltering industry won for himself a handsome competence but through his agricultural interests has promoted the general prosperity of the county.


(Text available from and

Roger's Children

This is an analysis of “proof”  of Roger’s children. ?  Also, do Roger’s children’s movements, marriages, etc.  tell us anything about Roger?


According to Bio of Thomas Marion Elless:  His family included:  James, John, William, Wesley, Nancy, Polly, Becka and Susanna.


  • Is it meaningful that David and Martha are not listed?  Do they have the same parents? Since there were lots of errors in this article, I don’t read too much into this omission, but it is something to consider.
  • Polly would have been Mary and Becka would have been Rebecca.
  • Have a DNA match with descendant of James, but that only shows they are related, not that David was a brother.
  •  The article about the Bible lists children as: James Lewis, John, Nancy, David, William, Martha Jane, Mary Elizabeth, Rebecca, Wesley W, Susannah H.
  • It is unclear the source of this information. It isn’t written in a way that I can assume it came from the Bible.  I am guessing it came from the author’s research.


 Census Data for Roger Ellis to help explain his children


  • 1810  in Shelby County, Kentucky: 2m<10, 1m 26-44, 1f<10, 1f 26-44
  • This would be James, Nancy, and David
  • What about John?  Was he after 1810?
  • 1820 in Ripley County, Indiana: 2 m<10, 2m 10-15, 1 m 26-44, 3f< 10, 1f 10-15, 1f 26-44
  •  2m 10-15 James, David
  • 2m < 10 John, William
  • 1f 10-15 Nancy
  • 3f<10 Mary, Martha, Rebecca
  • 1830 in Ripley County, Indiana:  (According to transcription) 2m 15-19, 1m20-29, 1f < 5 1f 5-9, 2f 10-14, 1 f 40-49.  My read of the record adds 1m 5-9 and 1m 50-60 as I believe there are light marks in those columns.
  • 1m 20-29 David  (James is already married; where is he?)
  •  2m 15-20 John, William.  (Implies William did not marry Betsy Province in 1826, which he would have been very young.  If he did, he is back at home)
  • 1m 5-9  Wesley
  •  2f 10-14 Mary, Martha
  • 1 f 5-9 Rebecca
  • 1f < 5 Susannah
  •  Nancy is already married
  • 1840 in Ripley County, Indiana: 1 m 15-19, 1m 20-29, 1m 50-59 1f 15-19, 1f 20-29, 1f 50-59
  • 1m 20-29 John or William
  • 1m 15-19 Wesley
  • 1f 20-29
  • 1f 15-19 Rebecca (Susannah is not listed in the household, but may be with James, who is listed next as he has a female 10-14 in the household)
  • A James Ellis is listed next to Roger
  • David is married, but where is he?
  • 1850 in Ripley County, Indiana: Roger, Susan, Rebecca, Susannah
  • James, Wesley, David all have households near Roger
  • Nancy is in Dearborn County, IN
  • William is possibly in Jennings County, IN (See below)
  • John is ?
  • Mary is in Ripley County, IN
  • Martha is believed to have died by now.
  • 1860 Roger has died at this point and in Ripley County is Susannah as head of household with Rebecca (Daughter), Wesley(Son), Susannah H.(Daughter), Rebecca, Andrew, Mary, Jonathan, Martha J (not the daughter Martha)
  • David and Joseph Ellis (David’s son) households are listed on the same page with Susannah
  • James is in Minnesota
  • John is ?
  • Nancy is in Dearborn County, IN
  • Mary is in Ripley County, IN
  • William is possibly in Jennings County, IN
  • 1870
  • James is in Fillmore, MN
  • David has died.  His wife Lucy is in La Salle County, Illinois with children Stephen, Henry, Susan.
  • Son Joseph is still in Ripley County, IN
  • Mary Ellen is married and is in Ripley County, IN
  • James WIlliam is ?
  • Wesley W. (Possibly died in the Civil War.  There is a Wesley Ellis that did, Can we confirm it is him?)
  • Amanda (Elizabeth) is ?
  • Nancy is in Dearborn County, IN
  • Mary is in Ripley County, IN
  • John is?
  • William is possibly in Jennings County, IN
  • Wesley is ?
  • Susannah is?
  • 1880
  • James is in Fillmore, MN
  • Wesley is in Otter Tail, MN
  • David’s widow Lucy is in Neosho Co, KS with children Stephen and Susan
  • Joseph L. is in Neosho Co, KS  (We know he went to Illinois first and then to Kansas)
  • Mary Ellen and husband are in Neosho Co, KS
  • James William is in Neosho Co, KS
  • Wesley W. (See 1870)
  • Amanda (Elizabeth) is married and in Neosho Co, KS
  • Nancy is in Dearborn County, IN
  • Mary is in Ripley County, IN
  • Martha is ?
  • John is ?
  • William is possibly in Jennings County, IN
  • Susannah is ?



James Lewis - 1805


  • One consideration is that James was born in May 1805 and Roger only married in February 1805.  It is possible that Susannah was 6 months pregnant when they married, but typically marriages of necessity happened earlier in pregnancy.  Since his descendants  have David’s Bible and the dates don’t quite align, I wonder if he could be the son of David and was raised by Roger. He was clearly close to Roger since he named a son after him. Still this seems unlikely because James has the middle name Lewis and one would guess it came from Susannah.
  • I have seen a different marriage date in 1804, which would make James a normal first born son. (Need to get a look at that original marriage record)
  • The Bible entries end in 1807.  Why?  Did David die soon after 1807?
  • The Bio of T.M.Elless is also wishy-washy about the ancestry and they should have known Roger’s name.
  • Married Matilda Harris 1826 in Ripley County (age 21)
  • Where is he in 1830?
  •  I checked Harris families in the area and did not find him with them and he is not with Roger.
  • In 1840 a James Ellis is listed next to Roger.  This is likely James Lewis Ellis although the census has his age as 40-49 and he would have been under 40. However, this could have been a wrong column issue. He has m<5, m 5-9, m 40-49, f 10-14, f 30-39. They boys are the right age for his sons, but I can not explain the female child although he had been married long enough to have a daughter in this age range. If this is not him, where was he?
  • 1850 listed on the prior page to Roger
  • Moved to Winneshiek County, Iowa in 1853 (According to Bio of Thomas Marion Elless) What took him to this location?  Land?  Other reasons?
  • Moved to Fillmore County, MN by 1857. According to the Bio of Thomas Marion Elless, this happened about 1855. What took him to this location?
  • Middle names of two boys Roger and David, which makes him a likely candidate to be Roger’s son (or David’s son)
  • 1860-1880 Census in Carimona, Fillmore, Minnesota





  • Both the bio and the article about the Bible list a son John
  • Not sure if any of the following are this John or not
  • John Ellis married Nancy Dowers 1848 in Ripley, IN. A George Dower lived near Roger Ellis.
  • I found a John and Nancy Eller (or possibly Elles) in Ripley County in 1850 with son Barnabas.  This John was born about 1826 and is too young to be our John.  I assume this might be the John and Nancy matching the marriage record.
  • John Ellis married Cynthia Faught 1828 in Ripley,
  • This is a reasonable possibility if John was born by 1814 at the very latest.
  • A William Ellis 12 born in Kentucky is living with William and Amanda Faught in Jefferson County, IN in 1850. Could he be a son of John?  Or is her perhaps Amanda’s son with a prior husband?
  • In 1870, a 10 year old born in Indiana is living with William and Amanda.  The record says the name is James Elles.  It appears it could be Eller.
  • John Ellis married Eliza Skeen in 1843 in Ripley, IN.
  • This appears to be John Ellis (3) listed in the Ellis families nearby, who was a son of Joseph in the Stephen Ellis line.
  • What happened to John?



Nancy Ann


  • Married Isaac East 1826 Ripley, Indiana  (Do we have proof that she is our Nancy?) ***
  • 1830 - Isaac 1 m 20-29, 1f 20-29 2 f<5 in Ripley
  • 1840 - Isaac 1 m 30-39, 1f 30-39 1 f<5 1 f 5-9 2f 10-14
  • 1850 - Isaac, Nancy, Matilda(16), Martha J.(11), Eliza J.(5) & John Ellis
  • Who is John Ellis age 9 (b. 1840-1841) was living with Nancy and Isaac - Who’s son is he?
  • Stephen Ellis Jr. had a son John in 1843.  The age isn’t quite right, but possibly.
  • Was it another Ellis that may have not been related, but lived in the area.
  • 1860 - Nancy, Martha (21), Elizabeth (17)
  • She remained in Dearborn County the rest of her life.
  • Nancy Ellis married George Cooper 1828 Dearborn, Co. - which family did she belong to?
  • Born 1796 Kentucky, which means she is not Roger’s daughter
  • Nancy Ellis married  Samuel Rolston in 1830 in Switzerland Co - which family did she belong to?







  • Married Lucy Ann Storms 1834 Ripley, Indiana
  • Where was he in 1840?  He is not in Roger’s household.  There are two David Ellis households in Dearborn County in 1840, but if the children of David and their birth years are correct.  Neither of these men are our David.  He is not with Lucy’s father or either of Lucy’s grandfathers.
  • Joseph’s obituary says that he was born in Jefferson County.  Is that where the family was in 1840?  With whom?
  • Listed next to Roger in the 1850 census
  • 1850 Ripley County 41.  With Lucy A., Ellen E., Joseph L., James W, Stephen E, Westley W, Henry D, and Amanda
  • 1860 Ripley County  52. With Lucy, Stephen, Henry, Elizabeth (Amanda), Susan
  • 1870 David is not with the family, assumed to have died: Lucy, Henry, Susan, and Stephen are in Rutland, LaSalle, Illinois
  • 1880 Lucy with Susan and Stephen in Galesburg, Neosho, Kansas
  • Joseph L. is in Neosho Co, KS  (We know he went to Illinois first and then to Kansas)
  • Mary Ellen and husband are in Neosho Co, KS
  • James William is in Neosho Co, KS
  • Wesley W. (See 1870)
  • Amanda (Elizabeth) is married and in Neosho Co, KS
  • Henry is in Jasper County, Indiana and would later move to South Dakota.
  • What happened to David?




  • Married Betsy Province 1826 Ripley, Indiana. I think this marriage is too early to be Roger’s son.  At least it makes it unlikely because William would have been quite young.
  • Married Jane Gordon 1842 Ripley, Indiana.  This family lived in Jennings County. William (1) from the Ellis families nearby. ***
  • This seems like a more likely match for David’s son.
  • 1850 in Jennings County 30 born in Indiana with Jane, James, Marion, Philip, Martha, Infant
  • 1860 in Jennings County 45 born in Kentucky with Jane, James, Francis M, Martha, Philip, Newton Kissiah, Susannah, Rebecca Jane, David P
  • 1870 in Jennings County 56 born in Indiana with Jane, William N, Kiziah A., Mary S, Rebecca J., David L, Sarah F., Nancy E, Ann E. Also, Martha J. Reice/Rice (their daughter Martha), John P. Reice/Rice (Martha’s husband it is assumed)
  • 1880 in Jennings County 66 born in Kentucky with Jane, David L, Sarah F, Nancy E, Ann E.; father born North Carolina, mother born Virginia.  The father being from North Carolina would not be a match to Roger.
  • Some people list him as the son of Matthias (who they have no information about), but I find no evidence of a Matthias or Matthew Ellis in Indiana or Kentucky in 1810 or 1820.
  • Used the spelling Elles
  • Jun 16, 1814 - Feb 26, 1900
  • Have DNA match with a descendant


Mary Elizabeth


  • Married James Benham 1835 Ripley, Indiana
  • Lived her entire life in Ripley County.


Martha Jane


  • Married Strawder Long 1838 Ripley, Indiana.
  • They had a son Andrew in 1840.
  • It is believed she died about 1842.
  • He remarried in 1844, had a large family, and moved west ending up in Missouri.




  • 1850  - In Roger’s household
  • 1860 - In Susannah’s household
  • 1870 - Both parents have died and she is listed alone in the household
  • She married Rue O’Neil in 1875.  They moved to Iowa where he had been living and are found there in the census until 1900.  He is with a Rebecca and the information matches  our Rebecca as far as age, birthplace, and parents birthplace. Note: He lost his first wife in 1874.
  • 1880 - Buchanan Co, Iowa
  • 1885 - Fayette Co, Iowa
  • 1895 - Fayette Co, Iowa
  • 1900 - Fayette Co, Iowa
  • Note:  Her husband's probate papers (all 150 pages) are on  Bottom line is that she was taken care of until she died and then his kids got everything. So, nothing was left to her heirs, which would have been her siblings or their descendants as it is believed she never had children.


Wesley W.


  • Married Rebecca Wise 1847 Ripley, Indiana
  • Listed on page prior to Roger in 1850 census
  • 1860 in same household with Susannah.  Roger had died by this time.
  • 1870?
  • In 1876 to Otter Tail, MN
  • Lived remainder of his life in Otter Tail, MN


Susannah H.


  • 1850 - In Roger’s household
  • 1860 - In Susannah (her mother) household
  • She may have married George Mauch in 1877.  However, I can not find her after 1860.  What happened to her?

Kentucky Ellis Families 1800


If Roger’s father went to Kentucky as stated in TME’s bio, he would have left after Roger was born in 1782.  It is possible that he was there in 1800.  This takes a look at the Ellis families in and around Scott County where the Bible was likely purchased (~1800).


  • The 1991 article says the Bible was purchased in Georgetown.  However, the 1999 article mentions that the Bible says Georgetown, Kent. and refers to the 1991 article and Lois as the source.  If it does say “Kent,” I assume that would mean Kentucky.  However, the fact that David identified that state might be important as it may indicate that he knew more than one Georgetown. The 1999 article also implies it could be Kent, Maryland, but I find this less likely.


County boundaries at this time can be seen at


1800 Richard, Scott County


1800 David, Harrison County - Could this be the owner of the Bible?

1800 John Harrison County


1801 Roger, Franklin County - This must be our Roger.

1801 Elazer, Franklin County

1801 Jesse, Franklin County

1801 Obediah, Franklin County


1800 Agnes, Fayette County

1800 Hezekiah, Fayette County

1800 James, Fayette County

1800 Littleberry, Fayette County

1800 William, Capt. Fayette County


1800 Henry, Bourbon County

1800 Joseph, Bourbon County

1800 Philip, Bourbon County


1800 Jesse Sr, Woodford County

1800 Jonathan, Woodford County

1800 Leonard, Woodford County

1800 William Sr, Woodford County


1800 James, Nicholas County

1800 John, Nicholas County


1800 Ezekiel, Pendelton County

1800 Rhodham, Pendelton County


1800 Isaac, Shelby County

1800 John, Shelby

1800 Stephen, Shelby

1800 Thomas, Shelby

1800 William, Shelby

Ellis Families in Shelby County, Kentucky

Since the first confirmed location of Roger is in Shelby County, Kentucky, it seems reasonable to investigate the Ellis families in the area at the time.


One possible clue  to Roger’s Ellis line comes from his marriage to Susanna Lewis, recorded in Shelby County, Kentucky in 1804.  Susannah's sister Rebecca had married a Stephen Ellis in Franklin County, Kentucky in 1795.  Property records show that Roger, Stephen, and several other Ellis's near Six Mile Creek in Shelby County, Kentucky.  This leads one to believe that it is likely that Roger was a brother or a cousin of Stephen and also somehow related to the other Ellis’ living in the same area.


Other researchers have also attempted to determine the relationship between Roger and the other Ellis families in the area of Six-mile Creek without success. There was an "Ellis Cousin's Newsletter" that was written and circulated by Bill and Carol Ellis from 1979 through the 1990's.  A Lois Post of Georgia contributed an article to the summer 1999 Newsletter with the same speculation, but no solid conclusion.


It is important to note, however, that with a common name like Ellis, it is quite possible for two Ellis families to live in the same vicinity and not be closely related.

Fact:  Both Roger and Stephen moved to southern Indiana as land opened up for settlement.


Possible Explanation: Since their wives were sisters and at least two of their siblings also made the move, it may be that it was the Lewis family that bound these families together rather than the Ellis family.


Fact: Stephen is not listed in the Bible records.


Possible Explanation: This may mean that he isn't a brother.  However, since he is born before the first records were recorded, it could be that he just isn't recorded.  It is also possible that he was a cousin in which case he likely would not be recorded.


Fact: Roger was born in Pennsylvania and Stephen was born in Virginia.


Possible Explanation: The family could have moved.  However, Stephen's family is closely tied to Virginia.

The table below shows an overview of the Ellis families that were living in Shelby Co., KY in the early 1800’s. It includes an estimate of birth year.  For the earliest  records, no age information existed so the assumption was that the person was at least 20 years old.  Later birth ranges are based on the age range given for the eldest male in the family.  This is not always accurate as a younger male could be the head of household, but it gives a reasonable view for most records.


This shows Roger in 1810.  The David shown cannot be the David of the Bible unless the date in the Bible transcription is incorrect.  However, the Richard Ellis shown is within the age range of the first Richard listed in the family Bible.  If both Richards listed in the Bible were from the same family, then it is likely that the eldest Richard died young.  However, it is possible that the second was a nephew to the first.


To the right, is a table showing early marriages in Shelby County, Kentucky.  In this table, we see at least one occurrence of David, Richard, Roger, Ann, and Elizabeth.  These names are relatively common with the exception of Roger Ellis; therefore, this may be pure coincidence.  However, it is reasonable to speculate that other members of Roger’s family might have been living in Shelby County at this time.



Next Steps:


At least some of the Ellis's of Shelby Ky. attended the Six Mile Creek Baptist Church (later called Christianburg Baptist Church).   Minute books with members and officers of the church are in an archive in Louisville Ky.  It could have interesting information.  (Of historical note, Pres. Harry S. Truman's grandfather Anderson Shipp Truman was born in 1818 in Shelby Co. and his marriage recorded in Christianburg in 1846.  Did they attend the same church?)

Ellis Families in Franklin County, Kentucky

Since a Roger Ellis was found in Franklin County, Kentucky in the years just prior to his marriage in Shelby County, Kentucky and the two counties are adjacent, it is worth looking at this county for clues.  If this is our Roger Ellis, he would have been only 18 years of age.  The table shows that he would have been born before 1780, but that is only on the assumption that to be in the records, the person would be at least 20 years old.


The Ellis Cousins Newsletter (ECN) Summer 1991, pg 45, indicate that the father of Roger Ellis is Obediah Ellis, who is also listed in Franklin County in 1800-1801.  However, research hasn't found a specific tie between Roger and Obediah Ellis.


Kentucky marriage records appeared in ECN Summer & Fall 1989 including a record for Obediah Ellis m. Accah Nicholson on 18 Dec. 1799 in Franklin Co KY.  The record had a typed note that was not signed stating, 'This was a late marriage for both of them, as they were past 40 and each had grown children at the time of this marriage." "Obediah had the following children b. abt 1772-1790: Eleazeer, Jesse, James, Roger, Nancy, Israel, and Jacob Ellis. Records indicate Obediah was from Maryland.  However, the names of the siblings do not match the names in the Ellis Bible.  This would indicate that either someone assumed Roger was a son because he was living in the area or that the Roger Ellis of Franklin Co,, KY was different than the Roger Ellis of Shelby Co., KY.

Ellis Families in Southeastern Indiana



When land opened up for settlement in Southern Indiana, many families moved the short distance northward. Counties of primary interest are:  Ripley (where Roger lived), Jefferson, Dearborn, Jennings, and Switzerland.


What is of significant interest is of the men that most closely match those in the Bible plus Stephen, who is speculated to be related:  Roger is born in Pennsylvania, Jeremiah in Kentucky, James in Ohio, and Stephen in Virginia.  Richard’s birth place is unknown.  This leaves us wondering if any of them are related or if the family was just constantly on the move looking for the right place to settle.  Or, could it be possible that the informant or census taker for the 1850 Census could have confused Pittsylvania with Pennsylvania?

Legend (for analysis below)


Blue= Match with someone in the Bible

Red = Likely sons of Roger

Purple = Stephen Ellis family

Gray = Not likely related

Black = No determination on relationship


The following analysis is based on the heads of households for 1820-1840 and the eldest male if one is present or eldest female if no adult male is present for 1850. Additional families are not added after 1850.  However, census data is used for additional data on the listed families.


Abigail Ellis


  • 1850 in Dearborn County 70 from Maine with Margaret 25
  • See also John (1) below.


Cynthia Ellis


  • 1850 in Jefferson 40 from Indiana with two children William(14)  and Charles (1)
  • Family is not found after 1850


David Ellis (1)


  • 1840 in Dearborn County and 20-29
  • 1850 in Dearborn County 40, Maine
  • Assume this is the same man although the ages don't quite match


David Ellis (2)


  • 1840 in Dearborn County and 30-39
  • 1850 in Dearborn County 45 from Pennsylvania with Catherine, Sarah A., Matthew A., Mary E., Rebecca H, Elizabeth, Ruth
  • 1860 in Putnam County, Illinois 55 from Pennsylvania with Catherine, Mary Ellen, Elizabeth, Ruth, Emma.  Emma was born in Indiana in 1853, so they moved after this date.  This county is next to LaSalle County, Illinois, where our Lucy Ann and family was in 1870.
  • 1870 in Putnam County, Illinois  Catherina 55 (year is off) of Delaware, Mary E, Rebecca, Emma. Catherine is a carpet weaver and Rebecca is a seamstress.
  • 1880 in Putnam County, Illinois Catherine 72.  In next household on the list is Ruth Haskell (no husband, two children) with Emma Ellis listed as daughter.  I assume this is Catherine’s daughter Ruth.  Not sure why Emma is listed as a daughter. I assume she should be a sister to Ruth as Ruth is not old enough to be her mother.
  • I tried going back to 1830, but did not find anything useful.  Likely, David and Catherine were not married yet as their first child was born in 1835.
  • I found no family trees that appear to be this family.


David Ellis (3)


  • This is Roger's son
  • 1850 Ripley County 41.  With Lucy A., Ellen E., Joseph L., James W, Stephen E, Westley W, Henry D, and Amanda
  • Where is he in 1840? He is not in his father’s household.  Other David Ellis families in the area in 1840 are not a match unless someone switched the male and female children in the household of David (2) and the David who is 45 in 1850 is actually a different person.\


David Ellis (4)


  • 1850 in Switzerland County from Ohio with Nancy A
  • Can find no additional records.


Eli Ellis


  • 1840 in Decatur County and 20-29.
  • No good matches can be made without a specific birth year or birth location.


Eliphalet Ellis (1) (2)


  • 1820 Switzerland County 26-44
  • 1830 Switzerland Co 40-49
  • 1840 Switzerland County.  There are two men age 50-59 with this name.
  • A man with that name was in the militia in NY in 1812.  Same man?
  • Family trees tie this man to Mass., which means he would not likely be a relative if they are correct.


Eliza Ellis


  • 1850 Franklin County 36 from Ohio
  • No additional information.


Elizabeth Ellis


  • 1850 Switzerland County 35 in the Poor House
  • She is there in multiple years.


Enos Ellis


  • 1830 in Switzerland County 30-39
  • 1840 in Switzerland County 40-49
  • Multiple trees have this man as from Mass. and dying in 1842.  At least one tree has him as the brother of Eliphalet. So, unless we find a tie to Mass, It seems unlikely that he is related.


Henry Ellis (1)


  • 1850 in Jefferson County 35 from Ohio (At an Inn)
  • No good matches.


Henry Ellis (2)


  •  1850 in Jefferson County 34 from Ireland


Hezekiel Ellis


  • 1840 in Dearborn County and 40-49
  • 1850 in Switzerland County 52 from Pennsylvania with Amanda (NY), Hiram, Lewis M., Mary Ann, Hamilton, Ellen, Francis M, Hezekiel
  • A family tree shows Mary Ann in Switzerland County for most of her life married to Daniel Heath.
  • I find some of the names in various places often with approximately the right ages, but not sure where this family went because those people are often associated with other families and/or are not near any other members of the family at least as far as I can determine without more in-depth research.


James Ellis (1)


  • 1830 in Switzerland County 20-29
  • 1840 in Switzerland County 30-39
  • 1850 in Switzerland County 52 from Ohio with Mary, Margaret, Jeremiah.  The age doesn’t quite fit, but is close and the ages for the kids match and it is in the same location. Also, this age makes it a match for James Miller Ellis of the Bible.
  • What happens to this family after 1850?  They seem to disappear.


James Ellis (2)


  • 1840 in Ripley County 40-49.  This is likely James Lewis Ellis as he is listed next to Roger in the census.  However, the census record lists him as 40-49 and James Lewis Ellis would be under 40 at the time.
  • 1850 in Ripley County 45. This is definitely James Lewis Ellis.


James Ellis (3)


  •  1850 in Dearborn County 43 from Ireland


John Ellis (1)


  • 1820 in Dearborn County and was over 45 (born 1775 or earlier)
  • 1830 in Dearborn County and 50-59
  • According to family trees, John was from Maine and died in Dearborn County in 1842; however, I did not readily find him in the 1840 census.  His name was David and had a son David.  Abigail listed above was his wife.  This all seems reasonable and has some documentation.  So, I am declaring this John to be part of the Maine Ellis family.


John A. Ellis (2)


  • 1850 in Jefferson County 40 from Kentucky with Sarah, John T, Rebecca J, Susannah, Robert M., James W. In this census the family is listed next to Conrad Storms.  This is an interesting fact, but might be meaningless.
  • 1860 in Decatur County, John is not with the family.  In the home are Sarah (mother), John, Susan, Robert, James, Sarah (daughter).
  • James W. that is listed here is the same age as James W. Ellis that was in Neosho County, Kansas.  However, if Find-a-grave is correct, this is not the same James as they have the James in Kansas as the son of John Nicholas Ellis  and Rebecca Mariah Scott with siblings Elvira, Mary Jane, Benjamin Dougherty, Margaret M, Laura Ann, and Jonathon Scott. I found this family with several of the children and Laura is listed as a sister to James W. in one of the census records.
  • There is a James W. Ellis of the right age that was in the Civil War joining in Illinois and with a birthplace of Ripley, IN.  He survived the war, but I haven’t been able to tie him to other James W. Ellis men.  There was one in Iowa, Illinois, and Oklahoma.
  • I did not find John T or Robert M. in any records that I could tie to this family.  However, I did find a Robert and James in the same household in Butler County, Ohio in 1870.
  • I investigated if last name could possibly be Eller, but came up empty.
  • John’s middle initial has been interpreted as K. and A.  Are either correct? It could also be an “N” or an “R”.
  • Did this family fit in with other families in the area? Where did this family go after 1860?
  • If his age is correct in 1850, then this is not the John listed in the Bible.  He would need to be 5-6 years older.
  • This John does NOT appear to be a member of the Maine Ellis families.
  • Since he is not listed as buried at Brushy Fork Cemetery, I suspect he is not related to Stephen.


John Ellis (3)


  • 1850 in Switzerland County 30 born in Indiana with Eliza, Mary Jane, Joseph H., Malinda F.
  • 1860 in Jefferson County 38 (name spelled Ellice) born in Indiana with Eliza,  Mary Joseph, Susan, Clemmence, William
  • 1870 in Jefferson County 50 born in Indiana with Eliza, Mary J., Sarah, William
  • 1880 in Jefferson County 60, born in Indiana, alone
  • Family trees say that he is the son of Joseph Ellis (1). His wife was Eliza Skeen (marriage record). Children listed in family trees are Mary Jane, Joseph Henry, Malinda Frances, Susan Ann, Jonathan Fletcher, Sarah Clementine, William Richard.


Joseph Ellis (1)


1820 in Jefferson County and was 16-25 (born1795-1804)

1830 in Jefferson County and 30-39

1840 in Switzerland County and 40-49

Family trees indicate birth in Shelby County, KY, with sons John Ellis(3), Stephen (who died as a child), and Nancy Lynn.  Some trees show him as the son of Stephen Ellis and Rebecca Lewis.

Confirmed in his will that he is a son of Stephen.  He preceded his father in death, but his father provided for his widow and children and listed his two living children by name.


Joseph Ellis (2)


  • 1840 in Dearborn County and 20-29
  • 1850 in Dearborn County 32 from Maine


Levi Ellis


  •  1850 in Decatur 40 from New Jersey


Martin Ellis


  •  1850 in Jennings County 60 from Germany


Mary Ellis


  • 1850 in Switzerland County 48 from Kentucky, alone
  • No more information.


Richard Ellis (1)


  • 1830 in Switzerland County 20-29 or 70-79.  The 70-79 year old is not listed in the transcription, but there appears to be a faint mark.  Additionally, there is a woman 50-59.


Richard Ellis (2)


  • 1840 in Jefferson County and 60-69. It is possible that this is the same family as Richard Ellis (1) as there is also a man 30-39 and a man 20-29 in the household as well as multiple females. If so, the 60-69 year old would have been marked incorrectly in one or the other census records.
  • Assuming the older man is Richard, he may have died before the 1850 census, but no cemetery record is found.


Richard B. Ellis (3)


  • 1850 in Franklin County 31 from England


Richard Ellis (4)


  • This record is mentioned above for Richard 179x
  • Richard is listed as at the Poor House because he is blind
  • 1850 in Switzerland County Poor House 60/1790 from KY. Also at Poor House, Elizabeth Ellis 35, Sarah 4 Indiana, Mary J 1 Indiana
  • 1860 in Switzerland County Poor House born 65/1795 KY. Also at Poor House, Elizabeth Ellis 35 Indiana, Emily Ellis 7 Indiana, Wester A. 3 Indiana, Ellis, Elizabeth 11 months Indiana
  • 1870 in Switzerland County Poor House born 75/1795 VA. Also at Poor House, Elizabeth Ellis 52 Indiana, Ellen Ellis 4 Indiana
  • There is no indication that the others listed at the Poor House are related to Richard. I am guessing the children are orphans.


Roland Ellis


  • 1840 in Dearborn County and 20-29
  • No obvious matches in the following two censuses.
  • According to some family trees and find-a-grave.  John(1) and his wife Abigail were the parents of a Roland Ellis that went to Illinois.  This must be the same man and he would have been living in the same county as his parents at this time.  Hence, he is part of the Maine Ellis family.


Samuel Ellis


  • 1840 Decatur County and 50-59
  • 1850 Decatur County 60 from Virginia with Jane, Mary J, Amanda M, Samuel S, James H., Benjamin F, Sarah A, John M.
  • 1860 I found a family that seems to be a reasonable match with this family in Harrison County, Missouri
  • Family trees indicate the 1860 family is the same family.  An older son was a judge in Harrison County.  James ended up in Iowa.
  • No one seems to have the names of Samuel’s parents.


Stephen Ellis (1)


  • 1820 in Jefferson County and was 26-44 (born 1776 - 1794)
  • 1830 in Jefferson County and 50-59
  • 1840 in Jefferson County and 60-69
  • 1850 in Jefferson County 74 from Virginia (recorded as Swen Ellis)
  • Stephen is buried at Brushy Fork and is said to be from Virginia.  The exact location and the names of his parents seems to be a matter of discussion.
  • He is listed in family trees with several children.  Multiple trees list Levi who went to Riley County, Kansas as a son, but this does not make sense as the records they have for this man are in Virginia and Kansas and he would have only been 10 when the family is found in Indiana.  I doubt this is a son of this Stephen.


Stephen Ellis (2)


  • 1830 in Jefferson County and 20-29
  • 1840 in Jefferson County and 30-39
  • 1850 in Jefferson County 44 from Kentucky with Polly, Stephen, Nancy, Newton John, Melinda, Samanta
  • 1860 in Jefferson County 55 from Kentucky with Mary, Nancy, Newton, Melinda, Symantha
  • A son of Stephen(1) per Stephen (1)’s will.
  • Family trees indicate he was born in Fleming, KY or Shelby, KY.


Thomas Ellis (1)


  • 1830 in Jefferson County and 20-29
  • 1840 in Jefferson County and 30-39
  • 1850 in Jefferson County 40 from Kentucky with Polly, Susan E, John W, Rebecca J, Nancy J, Joseph M, James M.
  • 1860 in Jefferson County 51 from Kentucky with Polly, Joseph M, James, William, Mary
  • 1870 in Jefferson County 60 from Kentucky with Mary, James, William
  • Died 1872
  • Wife appears to be Polly R. Strahan
  • Family trees claim that he is the son of Stephen Ellis and Rebecca Lewis. Stephen’s will confirms a son Thomas.


Thomas Ellis (2)


  • 1840 in Jefferson County and 40-49.  This is not just an error for the previously found Thomas Ellis as he is also listed in Jefferson County in the same census with the correct age.
  • No matches can be determined to be a definitive match for this family.


Westley W Ellis


  • 1850 Ripley County 27. With Rebecca, Andrew T, Mary S.


William Ellis (1)


  • 1830 in Dearborn County and was 30-39
  • Not able to match this William in future census records.


William Ellis (2)


  • 1850 in Jennings County 30 born in Indiana with Jane, James, Marion, Philip, Martha, Infant
  • 1860 in Jennings County 45 born in Kentucky with Jane, James, Francis M, Martha, Philip, Newton Kissiah, Susannah, Rebecca Jane, David P.
  • 1870 in Jennings County 56 born in Indiana with Jane, William N, Kiziah A., Mary S, Rebecca J., David L, Sarah F., Nancy E, Ann E. Also, Martha J. Reice/Rice (their daughter Martha), John P. Reice/Rice (Martha’s husband it is assumed)
  • 1880 in Jennings County 66 born in Kentucky with Jane, David L, Sarah F, Nancy E, Ann E.; father born North Carolina, mother born Virginia.  The father being from North Carolina would not be a match to Roger.
  • Some people list him as the son of Matthias (who they have no information about), but I find no evidence of a Matthias or Matthew Ellis in Indiana or Kentucky in 1810 or 1820.
  • Used the spelling Elles
  • Jun 16, 1814 - Feb 26, 1900
  • Possibly Roger’s son William.


Wyatt Ellis


  • 1820 in Dearborn County and was over 45 (born 1775 or earlier)
  • A Wyatt Ellis of approximately the same age is found in Shelby County, IN in 1830, 1840, and 1850. This man was born in Virginia.
  • One family record indicated he may be the son of a Stephen Ellis of Virginia. However, based on the record from 1850, which indicated he was 73, he would be a contemporary of Stephen Ellis of Jefferson County.  It could be possible that they were brothers or that he was the son of a different Stephen Ellis.





Virginia Ellis Lines

Since many of the Ellis family in Shelby County were descendants of a John Ellis of the Tuckahoe River, the Viriginia line is one that should be explored.


John Ellis of the Tuckahoe River in Henrico County Virginia is commonly thought to be born in 1661.  Henrico County on the James River of Virginia includes Richmond Virginia.  The Tuckahoe River (or creek) became the dividing line between Goochland and Henrico Counties  in 1728, when Goochland was split off from Henrico.  (There is also a Tuckahoe Plantation on the Goochland side of the River.  It was the home of Thomas and William Randolph.  Thomas Jefferson lived there for 7 years as a child while his father Peter Jefferson and mother Jane Randolph were guardians of Wm Randolph's children).   A 1910 book name "Old Churches Ministers and Families of Virginia" contains several pages on this Ellis family.  A Daughters of the American Revolution details the family of a Joseph Ellis (1728-1793) and Elizabeth Perkins of Henrico Co. as listed in his will.  Several of his descendants are clearly found in Shelby Co. around 1800.   They include another Joseph b abt 1759, Charles W. Ellis b 1764, and Martha Ellis who married Wm. Oglesby.  Perhaps the most prominent of the descendants of John of Tuckahoe was Capt. Charles Ellis of Red Hill Plantation of Amherst Co. Va.   Charles's grandson (also Charles) form large trading company with John Allen (foster father of Edgar Allen Poe) that had a spectacular rise and crash around 1820.  Another grandson of Charles was Powhatan Ellis, who became a Federal Judge, was appointed US Senator from Mississippi (but did not win the election), and served as US Charge d'affairs in Mexico in the 1830's.


Clearly the Tuckahoe Ellis's were a distinguished family, but can we really connect Roger to this family.  Unfortunately, even though Roger was not a very common name in colonial times, the name Roger Ellis does not show up on any searches of Virginia documents.  At a time when most sons were named after other family members, the name Roger is not to be found in earlier Ellis families.  Very few references to the name Roger Ellis are found prior to “our” Roger Ellis. Could Roger have been a member of one of the few Ellis families where the name Roger appears? Could it be just a coincidence that he ended up living around other with the Ellis surname and his sister-in law was married to one of them?   If Roger was a member of the Tuckahoe Ellis family, who was his father, and why was he born in Pennsylvania?


Stephen Ellis A Cousin?


One approach is to trace back Stephen Ellis an the assumption that Roger is a cousin.  While Roger is a fairly rare name, it looks like Stephen Ellis was a fairly common name, with many around and many apparent errors spread around.  The Stephen Ellis that married Roger's sister in law Rebecca became the pastor of the Brushy Creek Baptist Church in Jefferson Co. Indiana after leaving Shelby Co.  We know Stephen married Rebecca Lewis in Franklin Co. Va. in 1794.  I have found an 1782 Henry Co. Va. tax record that shows a Joseph Ellis next to a Joseph Lewis.  It may be that these are the parents of Stephen and Rebecca.  This is also the conclusion of another contributor to the Ellis Cousins Newsletter.  (Franklin Co. was formed from parts of Henry and Bedford Cos. in 1785).  Another document from Henry County is a Public Claims record from about 1780 (Public claims were Revolutionary War IOUs recording people who contributed something of value to the cause.  They are ofter used to document DAR ancestor service).  This document shows Joseph Ellis next to a Charles Lee.  (It is of historical interest that two entries above shows Patrick Henry, Esq.  This is almost certainly the Patrick Henry, governor of Va, that said "Give me Liberty or Give me Death".  Henry County was named for him, and he had a 1000 acre estate called Leatherwood in the County where he lived from 1779 to 1884).   Stephen Lee was the father of Mildred Lee.  Mildred married a John Ellis in 1791 in Franklin Co. Va.  I suspect that this John Ellis was another son of Joseph Ellis.  I will come back to Mildred and John's family later.  Other genealogists show that this Lee family is from Goochland County - near the Tuckahoe River.


So who is this Joseph Ellis of Henry County?  Was he the son of the earlier Joseph Ellis listed in the DAR application?   The Douglas Register (a record of births, marriages, and deaths of St. James Northam Parish in Goochland Co. kept by Rev. Wm. Douglas.  (Douglas was also Thomas Jefferson's tutor who taught him Latin and a little Greek) show a Joseph Ellis married Mary Hughes in 1776.)   The contributors to the Ellis Cousins Newsletter think that they are separate but related people who both ended up in Shelby County.    They are probably right.   There is a record of a 1787 marriage between a Joseph Ellis and Mary Litteral in Franklin Co. Va.  This is too late for Mary to be the mother of Stephen, but it does seem  to indicate this is a different Joseph.


The family of Mildred Lee and John Ellis does seem to take us back to the Tuckahoe area.   The Lee family researchers show strong evidence that Mildred's father Stephen was born in Goochland Co. the son of John Lee (not apparently related to the more famous Lee family of Virginia).  There are also land transactions between Stephen Lee and a Shadrack Woodson whom we will introduce later).   The Goochland location suggest that Joseph Ellis of Franklin Co. Va. was part of the Tuckahoe Ellis family.  Mildred and John also seem to be the parents of another Joseph Ellis (b 1812) that married Nahusta Miles.    They moved to Neosho Falls in Woodson County, Kansas, which is just catty-corner from Neosho County, where Roger’s descendants settled. The parallel movement of Roger's family and Nahusta and Joseph's is striking.  They went from Shelby Co. Ky. through Indiana to the same part of Kansas.  It certainly seems plausible they also came from Tuckahoe, through Franklin Co. Va.


Migration and Our Families


Another pointer to Henrico Co. is through the family of the Lucy Ann Storms who married Roger's son David.  Her grandfather, Conrad Cornelius Storms married Nancy Hall in Franklin Co. Va. in 1785.  She and her brother Rev. Randolph Hall were children of Rev. Nathan Hall of Gloucester Va.  Randolph married a Sarah Woodson, whose sister Frances "Fanny" Woodson married another Joseph Ellis (b. abt 1768).   He appears to be another son of Joseph Ellis of Franklin Co. Va. that we have already discussed.   Sarah and Frances were daughter of the Shadrack who had land deals with Stephen Lee in Frankin Co. Va.  The Woodson family can be traced back to a Dr. John Woodson, an Oxford trained surgeon who arrived on the James River in 1619 with  Gov. George Yardley.  From commonly  accepted genealogies and a lot of evidence, both Lucy Storms and the Woodson sisters were descendents of John Woodson through his son, Col. Robert "Tater Hole" Woodson.   The nickname came from the hiding place for Robert during the 1644 Indian raid that killed Dr. Robert Woodson.  Robert's brother John was called "Wash Tub" because of his hiding place.  The Woodson family is prominent in Henrico Co. history.  (Another descendant of Robert Woodson was Jesse Woodson James).


What seems to be emerging is a picture of a migration of a group of families (including many Baptist preachers) from both Henrico and Goochland sides of Tuckahoe Creek through Henry/Franklin Co. Virginia around 1780 to Shelby Co. Ky around 1800, with several of them moving across the Ohio River to Indiana around 1820.   The families included Ellis, Lee, and Woodson, with Lewis and Hall family members joining them in Franklin Co. Va.


So how could Roger born in Pennsylvania in 1782 fit in with this group?   Lacking documentary evidence, we can only speculate.  Roger was born right after the end of the Revolutionary War.  The final stages of the War were in the South, with the James River dominated by British forces.  Could Roger's mother or both parents have gone north to Pennsylvania to seek safety?  The Lewis family can be traced to the Philadelphia area.  Is it possible these families were already connected?  While Franklin Co was not very close to Pennsylvania, the 1751 Jefferson-Fry map of Virginia shows "The Great Road From the Yadkin River Though Virginia to Philadelphia" goes across the Pigg River and follows "Horse Pasture Creek" where Rev. Nathan Hall was known to preach.  With increased internal commerce during the war, this may have been a well traveled road.  It is shown that at some point the Ellis family of Virginia became well-established merchants with many connections.  It seems quite plausible that in 1782 they already had connections in the Philadelphia (the center of US commerce) and were involved with trading and shipping on the Western road to Pennsylvania.


Ties to Jamestown?


Several genealogies extend this Ellis family back to a John Ellis b 1631 who is claimed to be the son of the David Ellis who arrived in Jamestown in 1609 on the "Second Supply" to the Jamestown Colony.  Capt. John Smith's General History lists a David Ellis as part of a group of carpenters who went to Chief Powhatan's capital on the York to build an English style house for him.  It is not clear if the house was ever built.  There are at least two descendants of the Tuckahoe Ellis family named Powhatan.  Perhaps they thought they had a connection to the Chief through this David.   There is also a David and Margaret Ellis listed in the 1824 Muster.  It shows they arrived on the ship Mary Margaret in Feb. 1624, so he does seem to be the David listed by John Smith.  It is unclear if there  is solid documentation to support these claims.


Ties to Randolphs?


Several genealogies extend this Ellis family back to a John Ellis b 1631 who is claimed to be the son of the David Ellis who arrived in Jamestown in 1609 on the "Second Supply" to the Jamestown Colony.  Capt. John Smith's General History lists a David Ellis as part of a group of carpenters who went to Chief Powhatan's capital on the York to build an English style house for him.  It is not clear if the house was ever built.  There are at least two descendants of the Tuckahoe Ellis family named Powhatan.  Perhaps they thought they had a connection to the Chief through this David.   There is also a David and Margaret Ellis listed in the 1824 Muster.  It shows they arrived on the ship Mary Margaret in Feb. 1624, so he does seem to be the David listed by John Smith.  It is unclear if there  is solid documentation to support these claims.


Next Steps


There are extensive archives of the company of Ellis and Allen, Merchants in the Library of Congress.  It could include correspondence between branches of the Ellis family.  The Virginia Historical Society in Richmond also has a collection of materials and correspondence relating to the Ellis family from 1701 to 1889.  The catalog suggest that most relate to the family of John, son of the John of Tuckahoe b. 1661.


There is a 1787 land patent to Joseph Ellis for 2,067.5 acres of land in the Sandy Watershed in Bourbon Co. (now Eastern Kentucky).  There may be more information in the Kentucky Archive that might help understand which Joseph was granted the land.  It may have been land speculation that was sold off but never occupied by Ellis.


There seem to be several branches of the Tuckahoe Ellis family that do not seem to be included in easily found genealogies.  Perhaps more development of these branches would be useful.  It might take a trip to Virginia.




Pennsylvania Ellis Lines

Roger Ellis - Luzerne County


A Roger Ellis applied for a land warrant for 100 acres in Luzerne County in 1792. Ellis warrantees listed on the same page include: Peter(2), Henry (2), George, Andrew, William, Mary, Samuel, James, Roger, and Solomon.


Apparently, some of these Ellis families remained in Luzerne County as this 1873 map shows a Roger Ellis and a Samuel Ellis in Carbondale Twp.  (Location: Half-way up on the right border of the map.)


Roger Ellis - Allegheny County


A Roger Ellis applied for a land warrant for  400 acres in Allegheny County in 1793.  To date no additional records of this Roger have been found.


Roger Ellis Bible


There is a Bible that was owned by John T. Morris of Philadelphia.  In that Bible, printed in 1674, is a reference to the Bible having previously been owned by Roger Ellis.  It is unclear where the Bible was first purchased or where Roger was living at the time.  However, the Bible clearly indicates he purchased it two years after it was printed and if the “husband” mentioned in the notes is Roger, then he died in 1695.  Specific notes of interest are:

     “This Bibbell bought of John Wale in the 3d mo. 1676 by Roger Ellis”

     “Roger Ellis this booke bought in the year 1676”

     “My dear husband Departed this Life ye 11 of ye 5th mo. 1695”


David Ellis in Pennsylvania


The name David Ellis shows up in records in the 1700’s and 1800’s in various locations in Pennsylvania with many records being in the Philadelphia area.  Some of these men were the recipients of inheritance, executors of wills, or witnesses.  The name “David Ellis” is far more common than the name “Roger Ellis” making it difficult to trace these men.  However, since Roger was born in Pennsylvania and his father’s name was possibly David, it is important to note the presence of the name in Pennsylvania.  It is also important that several were in the Philadelphia area, which allows for speculation that the Ellis families of Virginia might have ties to Philadelphia to be further pursued.


Thomas Ellis of North Wales to Pennsylvania


This family seemed worthy of review since a David Ellis of approximately the same age as the one listed in the births in the Ellis Bible was found and the family lived in Pennsylvania and also had ties to Virginia.  The David found doesn’t have the same birthdate, but given the reliability of records if it is within 3 years it is considered a close match.  This David was the son of Morris Ellis II and Susannah Lee (Williams) Ellis. The children listed only include Eliza, William, James, Harriett, David, and Nancy.  There is no mention of a Roger or other names listed in the Family Bible; however, it is possible that Roger is a descendant of another branch of this family.


James Ellis of Maryland and Pennsylvania


     James moved from Maryland to Washington Co, Pennsylvania.  Portions of the family moved on to Ohio, living in Adams and Brown Counties along the Ohio, River.  Additionally, there is a Georgetown (location the Bible was purchased) in Brown County, Ohio and some of the Ellis families are listed in the history of the county as living at or near Georgetown in the early 1800s.  According to researchers, sons possibly include: James, Jeremiah, Samuel, Nathan, Hezekiah, and Jesse.  This family is of additional interest since there are members of this family born in Virginia/West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.


  • A lot on this family is in  A History of Adams County, Ohio: From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present … By Nelson Wiley Evans, Emmons B. Stive. Available on Google books.
  • Is there a tie to KY?  I did see a mention, but nothing clear for the timeframe, but not all sons are covered in the book.
  • This family seems like a very viable candidate that should be researched more.  I am wondering about sons James and Jesse.  James is Roger’s oldest and so it is reasonably likely he was named after his grandfather.  People have tied a James Ellis from Tennessee to this family, but the records are a mess having him bounce between NY, KY, and TN and back and forth.  I think the data for that man is all messed up.  They are probably trying to tie to this family because of Revolutionary War service, but it appears they have intermixed two, three or maybe even more James Ellis men.


 Washington County, PA 1780 - 1800. Note: Washington County was formed in 1781 from Westmoreland County. The northeast border changed slightly in 1788 and again in 1789.  Then in 1796, Greene County was formed from Washington County with a slight change in the border in 1802.


The following names are found in Washington County during this era:


  • Nathan 1781, 1782, 1783, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1789, 1790
  • James  1781, 1782, 1783, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1789, 1790, 1800  (at least two or more different James)
  • Jesse   1781, 1782, 1783, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1789, 1790
  • Samuel 1781, 1782, 1783  (Samuel disappeared after 1783.  Where did he go?  It would have been the end of the war. Several others showed up in 1783 and then disappeared. SAR record shows a man that is likely him as later being in Brown Co, Ohio)
  • Hezekiah 1781, 1782, 1787, 1788, 1789, 1790  (5 year gap, same person?)
  • Ann 1783  (widow of Thomas, daughter Sarah was a minor)
  • Isaac 1783
  • Jeremiah 1783
  • William 1783, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1789  (Thomas Ellis sold land to William, 90 acres in 1782) In 1800, a William is in Greene County.
  • Benjamin 1787
  • Edward 1787
  • Ezekiel 1787 1800
  • Amos 1790  In 1800 there was an Amus Elles in Fayette (nearby)
  • Rowland 1792 @ Westland MM from Hopewell MM
  • Ellis heirs 1798 (Is this the reason all the Ellis families disappear . . . the father/grandfather died?)
  • Mary & ch Gainer, Elizabeth, Amos, Mary 1801  from Southland MM (Is this wife of Amos)


Almost everyone seems to disappear sometime between 1790 and 1800, besides the ones that seemed to just show up once. Below lists those in Adams County, Ohio and it would appear that several migrated there in this era.


  • Ellis households in Adams County, Ohio 1800-1810
  • Jeremiah/Jeremiah Sr., Adams1806-1810
  • Jesse, Adams 1809-1810
  • John, Adams 1806-1810
  • Nathan, Adams 1806-1810


If it is this family, why did our branch go to Kentucky?  How did they fit in?  Did a group of young men who may have been cousins go to Kentucky?   So, they were related, but not brothers.


Abraham Ellis


Abraham was the son of Johann Jacob Alles (Note the spelling) who died in Dauphin Co, PA.  He served in the military and had ties to both Pennsylvania and Virginia/West Virginia. He also had brothers Jacob and Christopher.  Abraham can not be our ancestor, but one of his brothers or perhaps another brother that this Find A grave does not mention might be.


For more details on Abraham:

More info:

Robert Ellis

This Robert Ellis family has ties to Pennsylvania and Virginia.  This family seemed to move along the same path as the Lewis family.  Thus, this family should be considered in the research into Roger's ancestry.



The information on this page is taken from: and has not been independently verified at this point.

ID: I441

Name: Robert ELLIS Jr.

RFN: 441

Change Date: 27 JUN 2006

Sex: M 1 2 Quality: 0

Birth: 3 4 Quality: 0 1758 in Caernarvon twp



    Although the Ellis Bible shows place of birth as Franklin County, VA

    he most likely was born in Pennsylvania prior to the family moving to

    Loudoun Co. VA in the 1760`s. He moved to Franklin County in the

    1780`s. Franklin did not become a County until 1786.

    This was Lunenburg Co. and was sub - divided in 1854.

    Lunenburg ( 1746 ) encompassed this county as well as others. This

    was all part of the " Southern expansion" designated the Lunenbury


    Mechlenburg - 1765

    Halifax - 1752

    Pittsylvania - 1767

    Henry, Patrick, Franklin, most of Bedford and a part of Appomattox

    Counties formed in 1854.

    Ref. Hand book of genealogists 7th edition.


Change Date: 11 AUG 1996

Event: war 1776



    Robert Ellis Cavalry in Rev. War. nbll (War Dept.) Name appears on

    Army register but had not received bounty land. It is believed that

    Robert served (along with Isaac Dehaven*) in the 1st Regiment of Light

    Dragoons formed in 1778 and captained by Maj. Henry Lee,

    better known as "Light Horse Harry Lee" ** (the father of Robert E.

    Lee, commanding General of the CSA). The regiment was also called

    "Lee`s Legion" and "Lee`s Partisan Corp". No record of Robert Ellis

    in this Regt.

    *Wife was Ann (Nancy) Jones. [Wm. & Mary Jones show no dau. Nancy. She

    is believed to have been Elisabeth Ann (Nancy) Ellis, Roberts sister.

    ** Light Dragoons & Partisan Corps

    2d PARTISAN CORPS (Lee's Legion)


    [Wright, Continental Army, pp. 348-349]

    Authorized 8 June 1776 in the Virginia State Troops as the 5th Troop

    of Light Horse Redesignated 25 June 1776 as the 5th Troop, Virginia

    Light Horse Organized in summer 1776 at Williamsburg with recruits

    from northern Virginia (Virginia Light Horse adopted 25 November 1776

    into the Continental Army, assigned to the Main Army, and redesignated

    as the 1st Continental Light Dragoon Regiment)

    Withdrawn 7 April 1778 from the 1st Continental Light Dragoon Regiment

    and expanded to form Lee's Corps of Partisan Light Dragoons, an

    element of the Main Army, to consist of two troops recruited at large

    Expanded 28 May 1778 to consist of three troops

    (Captain Allen McLane's Company [see Annex] assigned 13 July 1779 as

    the 4th Troop)

    Expanded and redesignated 14 February 1780 as Lee's Legionary Corps,

    to consist of three mounted and three dismounted troops

    Relieved 31 October 1780 from the Main Army and assigned to the

    Southern Department.

    Reorganized and redesignated 1 January 1781 as the 2d Partisan Corps,

    to consist of three mounted and three dismounted troops

    Disbanded 15 November 1783 at Winchester, Virginia


    Authorized 13 January 1777 as Captain Allen McLane's Company, Patton's

    Additional Continental Regiment, an element of the Main Army

    Organized 14 February-23 April 1777 at Dover, Delaware, with recruits

    from Delaware

    (Patton's Additional Continental Regiment assigned 22 May 1777 to the

    4th Virginia Brigade, an element of the Main Army; relieved 22 July

    1778 from the 4th Virginia Brigade and assigned to the Highlands


    Withdrawn 16 December 1778 from Patton's Additional Continental

    Regiment and aligned to the Delaware Regiment, an element of the 3d

    Virginia Brigade of the Main Army

    Withdrawn 13 July 1779 from the Delaware Regiment and assigned to

    Lee's Corps of Partisan Light Dragoons as the 4th (Dismounted) Troop


    [Wright, Continental Army, p. 349]

    Northern New Jersey

    Defense of Philadelphia


    New York 1779

    New Jersey 1779

    New Jersey 1780

    Defense of the Carolinas

    Greene's Campaign

    Captain McLane's Company additionally served in:

    Iroquois 1779


Death: 19 MAY 1820 in Sumner Co.,, TN

Burial: 1820 Sumner Co.,, TN



    About 7 miles N.N.E. of Gallatin in dist. 10 towards Union Hill, on

    Hwy 31 E; then 7/10 mi. northwest om Reese Rd. Cemetery is approx. 350

    yds. northeast of the road on Reese property.

    Others of Ellis and Gwin family may be buried there.




    Robert was named in order as the third son.

    Loudoun County Deed book pp. 260-264 Indenture dated April 12, 1785

    James Jones (joiner) sells about 170 acres to Robert Ellis (farmer)

    for £ 100 money of Virginia. Original property of Wm. Jones

    deceased, willed to wife Mary Jones (Roberts Mother ?) Robert sold

    this land to George Emrey for £ 175. Deed dated May 11, 1788.

    N.B. The Ellis family were in Va. by 1760`s.

    Loudoun County, VA Personal Property Tax Roll for 1787, List A,

    p. 26, below Abraham and Isaac Dehaven, Robert Ellis is listed as self

    employed with 4 horses and 6 head of cattle.

    The 1758-1786 Index to the tithetables for Loudoun Co., VA, p. 42

    show a Mary Jones (Roberts Mother ?) in Shelburne Parish

    1771-72, 75 and 1782. The Tavenner Records show "Robert 1775 tithe

    Shelburne with Mrs. Mary Jones." She was the wife of Wm. Jones

    deceased in 1772. On same page "Robert E (.....) son to 19: 1785-88

    had 170 a Lost Cos: m Sarah.

    Franklin County Deeds:

    Deed book 2, p. 240 May 25, 1791 Robert Ellis buys 230 acres from

    Thomas Parker & John Davies for £ 60. Land on the south branch of

    Gills Creek. Neighbors Talbot and Picklesheimer.

    Per Franklin County Will Book 1, p. 228 Robert Ellis is mentioned as

    one of the Executors of a will signed July 1, 1803. Note, Samuel

    Duvall also mentioned as well as a John Coleman.

    Earliest proven date for Robert & Sarah in Sumner County, TN:

    Deed book 5, 572-573 September 17, 1807 Robert Ellis & wife Sarah

    of Sumner Co., TN sell the above 230 acres in Franklin County, VA to

    Jesse Dillon for £ 110.

    Deed book 3 pp. 97-99 February 1, 1794 Robert Ellis buys 304 acres

    from Phelemon Sutherland for £ 35. Land on the grassy fork of Bull

    Run. See Franklin County Historical Society map of early settlers,

    showing property of Robert Ellis and neighbor Isaac Dehaven. Also

    nearby the Ryherd`s land. This property is in Union Hall (Community)

    some 15 miles from Rocky Mount, east on hwy 40 which cuts across 2

    branches of Bull Run. The property may have lain on both sides of Hwy

    40. Take Kay Fork Rd. to circle Bull Run.

    Deed book 3, pp 249-250 April 6, 1796 Robert Ellis "sells" the 304

    acres to (his Mother ?) Mary Jones for £ 35.

    Sumner Co., TN tax rolls show a Robert Ellis with 640 acres on

    Aug. 25, 1789.

    Subj: Re: [ELLIS-L] Re: William N. Ellis

    Date: 8/21/01 10:18:08 PM Central Daylight Time

    From: (Charles Ellis)



    Hi not-cousin Lloyd!

    I haven't heard from you in some time. Hope you area well.

    <This Robert Ellis husband of Diana Sherman is my line. Since we last

    wrote, Lloyd,

    I have learned a little more. Robert and Diana Ellis had six children:

    Rebecca (no

    known marrage), Johney (who died at age 12), Nancy (no known marrage),

    Thomas S.

    (died age 22), Robert Jr. (died age 1 month), and Andrew J. my

    gggrandfather. All

    this is documented from a family Bible dated 1866.>

    Also shown on tax rolls are Joseph Ellis 274 acres and John

    Ellis 228 acres.

    1794 tax list, Capt. Joseph McKelwrath Company has a Robert Ellis

    640 acres. See Chamberlain Hudson and James Gwin on this list.




HintsAncestry Hints for Robert ELLIS Jr.


    1 possible matches found on



Father: Robert ELLIS Sr. b: ABT 1713

Mother: Mary HUGHES ? b: 24 MAR 1719/1720 in Gwynedd twp


Marriage 1 Sarah DEHAVEN b: 1753 in Pennsylvania


    Married: 5 14 MAY 1780 in Loudoun Co VA



        One record shows the date as May 11, 1780.

        In 1782-83 family left Loudoun County. Not on tithe tables.

        Sarah age 26-27.

        Robert age 22-23.




    Has Children Isaac ELLIS b: 1788 in ,, VA

    Has Children Jesse ELLIS b: 14 MAR 1783 in Culpepper Co.,, VA

    Has Children Snelling ELLIS b: ABT 1785 in ,, VA

    Has Children Samuel E. ELLIS b: 17 OCT 1791 in Culpepper or Franklin Co.,, VA

    Has Children Abram ELLIS ? b: 1795 in Franklin Co VA

    Has Children Mead ELLIS ? b: 1798

    Has No Children Elanore ELLIS

    Has No Children Elizabeth "Betsy" ELLIS b: ABT 1787





    Abbrev: Ellis Family Bible

    Type: ROOTS III

    Date: 10 MAY 2001

    Note: Ellis Family Bible. Found by Bill Ellis and brothers from Dallas,


    See "Ellis Cousins" newsletter of Summer, 1983, p.8-9.

    Published by Bill & Carol Ellis of Frionia, Texas.

    (806) 247-3053

    Title: Robert Ellis (probably the one whose wife was Diana). Infantry soldier, Virginia Line Continental Establish-ment. Revolutionary War. Vol. 176, p. 140. From the NA, Wash., DC.

    Abbrev: Robert Ellis, Service record

    Type: Military, NA-Film

    Date: 10 MAY 2001

    Author: Unknown source not found

    Abbrev: Unknown Source 131

    Type: ROOTS III

    Author: Unknown source not found

    Abbrev: Unknown Source 137

    Type: ROOTS III

    Abbrev: Robert Ellis, Ellis Bible

    Type: Bible Record

    Date: 5 FEB 2001



Massachusetts Ellis Lines

Roger Ellis of Yarmouth


A Roger Ellis of Yarmouth married Jane Lisham in 1644 and had a son John in 1648. In 1649, Roger was living in Barnstable. In 1654, the family moved to Boston.  He died in Charlestown (now a neighborhood of Boston) in December 1668. At the time of his death, he owned a house and gardens.  There are no other known children. (Note:  His name is sometimes shown as Elce, Else, Alley, or Alie)


A Roger Ellis, believed to be the same as the aforementioned  Roger Ellis and his son purchased and were granted two shares of land in New Jersey in 1667.  Members of the Ellis family, including a Robert, Thomas, Simeon, and William Ellis, settled in this area.


Eliphalet Ellis


There was a David Ellis, son of Eliphalet and Mary Ellis in 1753 in Sunderland, MA.  This David Ellis is of interest because the name Eliphalet shows up in Switzerland Co., IN, which might indicate a tie between the families.


Eleazer Ellis


There is an Eleazer Ellis who was a descendant of Lt. John Ellis, a well-known resident of Sandwich, MA.  This name is of interest because a man of this name is found in Franklin Co., KY in the early 1800’s.  There is also a Stephen Ellis in this family line.



Another approach to genealogy is through DNA.  The "Gold Standard" of DNA testing is Y-chromosome or male line DNA.  This is passed nearly unchanged from father to son.  All male direct line descendants of a male (same surname) should have very similar Y chromosome markers.   There is an Ellis DNA Project that tries to sort out the many Ellis families lines.  Unfortunately, we do not have a male Ellis at this point that meets the criteria and who has agreed to the test. If you are an Ellis male that meets the criteria for the Y-DNA test, please  consider submitting a cheek swap or saliva sample for Y-chromosome testing.  Your identity can be kept private.  You will get email addresses of a short list of likely matches or the administrators of the samples.


Another DNA test is the autosomal DNA test now offered by and others.  It compares 1000's of DNA segments samples from all chromosomes, so it can help identify any of a persons distant cousins that have taken the test.  One advantage of this test is that anyone (male or female) can take the test. With this test, you will get a very large list of possible matches, ranked by how close the match is.  You will also get links to their family tree if they have a public tree on Ancestry, with notifications if a common ancestor is found between your tree and one of your DNA matches.   This test is more of a shot-gun instead of the rifle shot of the DNA-Y test.  From experience to date, matches of 5th or 6th cousins (with common ancestor born after around 1700) are reasonably certain.  More distant than that, it becomes  likely that a match could be coincidental.


When one member of our family did the test, when they included Joseph Ellis of Henrico and Elizabeth Perkins as ancestors in their family tree.  This person found about 6 match that also showed a Constantine Perkins born 1682 in Henrico Co. Va. as an ancestor.  At first it was believed this confirmed this part of the Ellis tree, but this is less than certain.  The person’s mother's DNA tested.  She also had 4 of the matches.  However, the family trees of these matches also included another one of the mother's direct ancestors.  It looks like a couple of the matches could be on the father's side, so the test really is not giving a solid conclusion.  The Perkins family is a large and well documented family, so it looks like many family trees include Constantine Perkins.  It seems that if you look over a thousand family trees at random, it is likely that you will find Constantine, or any other of the early Virginia patriarchs.   They could have millions of descendants.  While not really conclusive, the matches seem to support the Tuckahoe connection.  Even if the connection is not through Elizabeth Perkins and Joseph Ellis, there seem to be many connections between the Perkins and Ellis families.  There is even a Col. Charles Ellis Perkins born 1742.  His father, Nicholas Perkins opened a ferry across the Dan River in Halifax Co. (later Pittsylvania Co. Va.) around 1758.  The Perkins family was one of the largest slaveholding families of the area.  Elizabeth did not marry Joseph Ellis until 1745, so it why was a child born three years earlier be given the middle name Ellis?   Was there another marriage between a Perkins and Ellis for which no record has been found?   There was a group of Perkins in Philadelphia (including a gunsmith that became superintendent of the Harper's Ferry Arsenal) , but we don't know if they were related.


Another member of the family found that the line of Jeremiah Ellis of Surry, Virginia shows up in a number of DNA matches.  A second line that matched is the family from Washington County, Pennsylvania that moved to Kentucky.  That family seems to tie back to Ellis Ellis that lived in Pennsylvania and died in Virginia.  Several records seemed to be tied to this line although not all were tied to Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Ellis Ellis was tied to the Philadelphia area.  More analysis is required of the DNA data to determine if it is possible to pinpoint the correct Ellis ancestry via DNA.

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