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Key Locations: Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky

Cemeteries (All): Fort Scott National, Glenwood, New Mount Hope, Walnut



Roger Ellis' family apparently used multiple spellings of the name Ellis.  A Bible in the hands of Roger's descendants list the original owner as David Alles, who purchased it in 1797 in Georgetown (believed to be Georgetown, KY).  It is not known how this person is related to Roger, but it is believed that he is either a father, uncle or brother.  The Bible also lists Richard Elless, David Elless, Ann Elless, James Miller Elless, Elizabeth Elless, Jeremiah Elless, Sarah  Elless, John Elless, Nancy Elless, and James Elless. However, many, but not all, records for Roger use the Ellis spelling.  Since the later member of our direct line used the Ellis spelling, throughout the text Ellis will be used as a default unless a person is known to have primarily used another spelling.


 In 1805, Roger married Susannah Lewis of Virginia in Shelby County, Kentucky.  Susannah was the daughter of Joseph Lewis and Ms. Beck.  Susannah's mother is believed to have been either Esther  or Rebecca.   However, it is known that Ms. Beck was  the daughter of Edward Beck and Ann Preston.

 Roger “Toddy” Ellis (Elless), who was born in Pennsylvania in 1782, is our earliest confirmed ancestor.  Roger's parents are unknown; however, several family lines are being investigated.  Details about the investigation into the Mystery of Roger Ellis' parents, theories, and supporting records can be found here.


Joseph Lewis & Cynthia Ann Nicholson Ellis

When Ripley County, Indiana opened land for settlement, Roger purchased land in Brown Township.  The purchase was recorded on page 18 of the first book of land purchases for the county.  Soon Roger and Susannah moved their growing family to Indiana.


David Ellis, one of their ten children and our direct ancestor, was about 8 or 9 years old at the time of the move.  Other siblings include: James Lewis Elles [married Matilda Harris, Elizabeth Thompson] , Nancy Ann [married Isaac East, a brother to David's wife's mother], John Ellis, William Ellis or Elles, Mary Elizabeth [married James Benham], Martha Jane [married Strouder/Strawder Long], Rebecca [married Ruel O'Neel], Wesley W. Elless [married Rebecca Wise], and Susannah Ellis.  David's siblings spread out living in Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota.


In 1834, David married Lucy Ann Storms in Ripley County, Indiana.   Lucy was the daughter of Conrad Storms and Eleanor East.

Rosa Ellis at Various Stages of Her Life

 David and Lucy had at least eight children: Joseph Lewis Ellis, Ellen Ellis [married William H. Nicholson, sibling to Joseph's wife], James William Ellis [married Rebecca Anderson, Stephen E. Ellis, Wesley W. Ellis, Henry D. Ellis [married Mary Eleanor East who is a cousin to Eleanor East that married Conrad Storms], Amanda (Elizabeth) [married John Kirkpatrick], and Susannah Ellis [married Ormas Doolittle].


 .  David and Lucy raised their children in Indiana.  However, David appears to have died in his 50’s or early 60’s, as he is not with the family in 1870.  The location of his death or burial has not been determined.  Lucy and some of the children are living in La Salle County, Illinois in 1870, so it is possible that he died there or during the move.  Also, the Civil War ventured into Ripley County and it is possible that he was a casualty of the war although he didn't likely directly serve given his age.


 Joseph Lewis Ellis, son of David and Lucy (Storms) Ellis,  married Cynthia Ann Nicholson in 1857 and they had began a family soon after.   The family stayed in Ripley County at least until 1871 when Rose Isabel “Rosa,” our direct ancestor was born. The family then  moved west stopping for a brief time in Illinois, where Joseph’s mother and several siblings resided, before moving on to southeast Kansas.  Joseph’s mother Lucy and several of his siblings also made the move to Kansas.


     The family lived in Neosho County and Crawford County.  The Ellis children spread out a bit with some of them, including Rosa and her husband Andrew J. McCracken whom she married in 1892, living in Crawford County, some in Neosho County, and others moving to western Kansas where they moved around a bit until settling in the Dighton area.

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  • Bassett Family History

    William Bassett, believed to be the son of Michael Baset and Judith Bowling, was born in Limpsfield, Surrey England in 1755.  He immigrated to America  before the Revolutionary War in which he served from 1776 to 1779.  He was wounded at Baylor's Massacre in Old Tapan, New Jersey.  He was also in the Battle of Monmouth Court House and the Massacre at Tanporo, where he was captured, but escaped.


    In 1786, he married Margaret McQuiddy in Mercer County, Kentucky.  Over the next 25 years, they became the parents of Nancy Roe (possibly adopted) [ m. Cassius Claxton], Thomas A. [m. Mary B. "Polly" Jackson], James [m. Dorcas Clark], Sarah Ann, Elizabeth [m. George W. Swisher], Polly [m. Azariah Jacob Dowers], Rebecca [m. Alva Wetherbee], Melinda [ m. Henry Dowers], William H. [m. Nancy Shreves], and Harriett [m. Reuben Dooley Wade]. William and Margaret lived primarily in Franklin County, Kentucky before settling in Ripley County, Indiana where they remained for the rest of their life.


    Sarah Ann "Sally" Bassett, daughter of William and Margaret (McQuiddy) Bassett, was born in 1796 and married George William Nicholson in 1813 in Franklin County, Kentucky.

  • Beck Family History

    William (Roger) Beck is believed to have been our earliest ancestor in America.  He is thought to have immigrated sometime before 1675.  He seems to have lived in Maryland for a time before moving to Pennsylvania.


    Edward Beck Sr., son of William (Roger) Beck is  thought to have been born in Maryland.  He married Sarah Ann Buckman, the daughter of William Buckman and Sarah Rowland, in New Jersey and they lived in Pennsylvania where they practiced the Quaker faith and raised their family.


    Edward Beck Jr.,son of Edward Sr. and Sarah, was born in Pennsylvania and died in Virginia.  He married Ann Preston, daughter of Armor and Esther Large Preston.  Edward and Ann raised a large family with many of the children being born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


    It is unclear the name of Joseph Lewis' first wife.  She is believed to be Edward Beck and Ann Preston's daughter. Her name is believed to be Rebecca, Esther, Rebecca Esther, or Esther Rebecca.  Data shows intermarriages between the families and they lived close together.  Additionally, there is a marriage record for a Joseph Lewis to R Beck.  However, the record has very little detail. Contributing to the lack of information regarding Joseph's first wife is  the face that she preceded him in death and he remarried.  Therefore,  all references in his will  are to his surviving spouse. However, the Beck family appears to be the correct family and this tie to our family is supported by DNA matches with descendants in other branches of the Beck/Preston family.  However, due to the distance of the relationship and the potential for other relationships, the DNA match is not strong enough to classify it as proof.

  • Buckman Family History

    Edward Buckman and his wife Joan Bagham lived in Billingshurst, Sussex, England.  Edward is believed to have died in England and his wife, along with two of their sons, are thought to have died in route to America in 1682.


    William Buckman, son of Edward and Joan, and Sarah Rowland were born and married in Sussex, England.  They were Quakers and immigrated with their children in 1682 on the ship "Welcome," which also brought William Penn to America.  They made their home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where William owned what his will refers to as a "plantation."


    Sarah Ann Buckman, daughter of William and Sarah, was born in England and immigrated with her parents.  In 1705, she united in marriage with Edward Beck Sr.  She died just prior to her father's death and her husband and children are listed in her father's will.


    This family line from the Beck is well documented.  However, the tie to the Beck family has some facts, but isn't as concrete as it could be. See Beck Family History tab for more information.

  • East Family History


    James East, son of Josiah and Eleanor East was born in Louisa County, Virginia.  By the time he married at age 21, he was living in Kentucky.  Their children: John, Joseph, Josiah, Stephen, Eleanor, Isaac, and Nancy were all born in Kentucky.  However, James later lived in Ripley County, Kentucky where his daughter Eleanor lived.


    Eleanor East, daughter of James and Lucy (English) East was born in 1798 in Garrard County, Kentucky. Before her sixteenth birthday, she married Conrad Storms Jr. She died the day after the birth of her fifth known child.

  • English Family History


    Charles English was born in Virginia in the first half of the 1700's.  His ancestry requires more research.  However, he is known to have supported the Revolution and be in the area that became Kentucky while it was still a part of Virginia.  In the mid-1700's Charles married Ann Richardson.  They were the parents to several children including: Susannah [m. William Richardson], Rachel [m. Jacob Stephens], Stephen [m. Rebecca Chrisman], Martha [m. Jesse Richardson], Mary [m. John Smith], and Lucy.  Charles died in Garrard County, Kentucky.


    Lucy English, daughter of Charles and Ann (Richardson) English was born in 1773.  Twenty years later she married James East.

  • Fickes Family History

    Jost Fickes, borm in 1717 in Adams County, Pennsylvania, is the first known ancestor in the Fickes family line.


    Maria Barbara Fickes, daughter of Jost and Johanna Regina (Beyer) Fickes, married Johann "John" Peter Sturm and is the mother of Conrad Cornelius Storms Sr.

  • Hall Family History

    John Hall Sr., believed to have been the son of Thomas Hall, was born in Gloucester County, Virginia about 1664.  He married Elizabeth Walker Crawford and they are believed to have been the parents of 8 children.


    John Hall Jr., son of John and Elizabeth (Crawford) Hall, was born in 1686.  He married Sarah, whose last name may have been Rowe in 1737.


    Nathaniel Hall, son of John and Sarah Hall, was born in Glouchester County, Virginia in 1738.  In 1755, he married Anne Rowe who is possibly the daughter of William and Ann Rowe.  They became the parents of six children: Elizabeth, John Mason [m. Sarah Clark], Randolph [m. Sarah J. "Sally" Woodson], Thomas Rowe [m. Catherine Thomas, Sarah Fuson], Jonathan, and Nancy.


    After Anne died in 1791, Nathaniel remarried to Elizabeth Imlay Hamm.  They were the parents of Molly, Sally, Jeremiah, and Frank.


    Nancy Huston/Houston Hall, daughter of Reverend Nathaniel and Anne (Rowe) Hall, married Conrad Cornelius Storms Sr. in 1785 in Henry County, Virginia.





  • Lewis Family History


     Joseph Lewis is thought to be the son of Abraham and Rebekah Marshall Davis Lewis.  However, more research is needed to validate Joseph's lineage and family details.


    Joseph first married a daughter of Edward Beck.  Her name is believed to have been Rebecca, Esther, or Rebecca Esther.  Joseph married a second time to Sarah "Sally" Bell, daughter of John and Sarah Bell.  From these two marriages came at least 17 children as  that number are listed in Joseph's will.  His children include Rebecca, Ester, Anne, Susannah, Rachel, Polly, Jesse, Joseph, Abraham, Isaac, Elizabeth, Johnathon, James, Sally, Martha, Jemima, and Lovey.


    Joseph is thought to have been born in Loudon County, Virginia.  However, he spent much of his adult like in Henry and Franklin counties in Virginia.  Then, about 1797, Joseph moved his family to Franklin County, Kentucky and within a couple of years to Shelby County, Kentucky, where they settle along Six Mile Creek. After he died in 1817, members of the Lewis family moved to Switzerland and Jefferson counties in Indiana. These counties border Ripley County, where Roger Ellis lived.


    Susannah Lewis married Roger Ellis/Elless in Shelby County, Kentucky when she was about 20 years of age.


  • McQuiddy Family History

    David McQuiddy Sr., thought to possibly be the son of William McQuiddy and Ellen Smith, was born in Ireland in the early 1700's where he married Nancy Arnold.  They immigrated to America in 1735.


    David McQuiddy Jr., son of David and Nancy (Arnold) McQuiddy, was born in Ireland and immigrated with his family. At age 20, he married Mary Todd in Stafford County, Virginia.  They were the parents to Nancy, James, Thomas, William (m. Alice McKee), John Thompson (m. Sarah Elizabeth West), Joseph, Nancy, and Margaret.


    Margaret "Peggy" McQuiddy, daughter of David and Mary (Todd Gaines) McQuiddy, was born in Spotsylvania, Virginia.  Her father died about 1785 and she moved west to Kentucky most likely with her mother and some of her siblings.  In 1786, she married William Bassett, a Revolutionary War soldier, in Mercer County, Kentucky.

  • Nicholson Family History

    George William Nicholson was born in Hampshire County, Virginia just after the Revolutionary War.  Prior to 1813, he had moved to Kentucky, where he took Sarah Ann Bassett as his bride.


    Although the  oldest of their children were born in Franklin County, Kentucky, George and Sarah Ann "Sally" primarily raised their children in Ripley County, Indiana. Their children include: John Madison [m. Sarah Elizabeth Glaze], Mary A. [m. James Demaree], George William [m. Mary Jane Signer], Samuel [m. Mary Jane McGee and Isabelle McGee], Ascha, Sarah Ann [m. Alfred Campbell] , Thomas Jefferson [m. Julia Elizabeth McGee], Cynthia Ann, William H. [m. Ellen Ellis, daughter of David and Lucy (Storms) Ellis], Andrew Baker [m. Lucinda Christie], Joseph F. [m. Eliza Harris], and an infant that died young.


    Many of George and Sally's children moved west, fanning out across several states.  William H. and Ellen (Ellis) Nicholson moved to Kansas and lived in southeast Kansas.


    Cynthia Ann Nicholson, daughter of George and Sarah Ann (Bassett) Nicholson, was born in 1829 after the family moved to Ripley County, Indiana.  Cynthia married Joseph Lewis Ellis.

  • Preston Family History

    William Preston and his wife Ann Taylor, daughter of Edward and Margaret Taylor, left England in 1683 to come to the new world.  They settled near Philadelphia.  Researchers have some of William's family lines back to the early to mid-1500's.  I have recorded a subset of that data in my tree.  However, his lineage is unverified.


    Armor Preston, son of William and Ann was born within the next year or two.  In 1710, he married Ester  Large at the Falls Meeting House in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


    Ann Preston, daughter of Armor Preston and Ester Large, married Edward Beck Jr.   They are believed to have 10 children.  See Beck Family History for more details.


    More research is required on these early ancestor lines.

  • Sauer Family History

    Mathias Saur of Germany is said to be the first known in the Sauer family line.  However, proof is needed.


    Johan Wilhelm (Nicheim) Saur, son of Mathias and Salome Saur,  is believed to be next in our family line.


    Anna Benedictina Sauer was, daughter of Johan Wilhelm (Nicheim) and Susanna Margaretha (Mueller) Saur,  was born in Germany and immigrated to America with her husband Johann Jacob Sturm.


  • Storm(s)(es)/Sturm Family History

    Johann Jacob Sturm, son of Christian Sturm and Anna Barbara Gah, was born in Klein Schifferstadt, Rhinland, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany in 1700.  They had two children by the time they immigrated to America in 1728.  Additional children were born after their arrival.  However, more research is needed to verify some of their children.


     Lucy Storm(s) EllisWife of David EllisMother of Joseph Lewis EllisJohann Peter Sturm, son of Johann Jacob and Anna Benedictine Sauer Sturm, was born in Pennsylvania around 1740.  About 1757, he married Maria Barbara Fickes, daughter of Jost and  Johanna Regina Baier Fickes, in York County, Pennsylvania. They had a large family and moved south to Virginia and then to North Carolina.  There children fanned out into Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. Some question does remain because of the change in the name.  However, DNA results support at a minimum a relationship to siblings that have been attributed to Johann Peter and Maria Barbara Fickes Sturm.


    Conrad Cornelius Storm(s) Sr.  appears to have been born Conrad Sturm, son of Johann Peter and Maria Barbara Fickes Sturm.  It is not known exactly why, but  at some point part of the family started using Storm, Storms, and/or Stormes instead of the original Sturm spelling.  Conrad Sr. was born in Pennsylvania, but moved at a young age to Virginia where he married Nancy Hall, Daughter of Nathaniel and Ann Rowe Hall.  At the time of their marriage, Nancy had a daughter Elizabeth (m. Richard Kidd).  There are many stories about this daughter including stories of Native American ancestry.  Conrad and Nancy raised this daughter and twelve children of their own as they moved across the frontier with children being born in Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  In his will, he made provision for his widowed daughter-in-law giving her more than "his other children."


    Conrad Storm(s) Jr., son of Conrad Storm(s) Sr. and Nancy Hall was born in Tennessee while the land was still fresh to pioneers.  In 1814, he married Eleanor East, daughter of James and Lucy English East in Garrard County, Kentucky.   As land opened up in Indiana, they moved to Ripley County.


    Conrad Jr. and Nancy had five children: Lucy Ann, James M. (m. Sarah Ann Tomlinson), Josephine E. (m. George Waitt), Elizabeth (m. Henry Land), and Martha Ellen (m. Milton East).  Although Martha Ellen survived, Nancy died of complications of her birth.


    Conrad Jr. fathered eight more children with his second wife Lavina Hopper.  Their children were Conrad (m. Leah Woodfill), Melinda (m. Jared Woodfill), Sarah (m. James Hadley), Semerimus Jane (m. John Woodfill), Minerva, Cynthia (m. James Stevenson), Casander, and Jonathon (m. Sylvania Baker).


    Lucy Ann Storm(s), daughter of Conrad Storm(s) Jr. and his first wife Eleanor East, married David Ellis in Ripley Co, Indiana in 1834.

  • Woodson Family History

 Rosa Ellis, daughter of Joseph and Cynthia Ann (Nicholson) Ellis, moved west as a young child.  In In 1920, Andrew died.  Rosa remained in the Farlington, Crawford County, Kansas         Will Apt area with her nine children: Lemuel Lewis, Joseph Andrew, Elmer Thomas, Cynthia Alice, Ernest Franklin, Dewey Cortis “Doc”, Oella Louisiana, Almeda (Belle), and Ray Eugene.   In 1924, she remarried to William Apt, who had roomed with her sister Mattie’s family for many years.  William “Bill” was the only grandpa that most of Rosa’s grandchildren ever knew. According to multiple of them, he was a wonderful grandpa. Bill was on crutches as he had lost one leg as a teenager following a long illness that he wasn’t suppose to survive. See the McCracken page for more details on Rosa and Andrew.


Rosa wrote in a diary from 1929 until 1931.  Click here to see original entries from the diary.


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