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      The family history project is “Nellie & Joe McCracken: Their Descendants & Ancestors”.  The project will tell the story of the many families and will also include a family tree.  For the most recent generations, the story will expand beyond the basics of who, where, what, and when.


     The project is planned to be available in three parts:  Nellie & Joe, the descendants, and the ancestors.   Information on the ancestry will be most widely available.  Information on the descendants will only be made available to close family members.


      The project is well under way, but it is not too late to contribute.  Contributions may include family tree data, family stories, photographs of people and places, family records, and more.  Select Contributions to learn more about how to contribute to this project.  All responses should be sent my contact email linked on the navigation bar or contact me via email to obtain my mailing address.


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Nellie Peelle


Joseph Andrew McCracken

Circa 1914

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