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Hans (Magnus) Hanson, born in Wisconsin, was the son of Nelson "Nels" and Caroline (Larson) Handson.  Hans Magnus married Inga Mary Anderson whose ancestry is unknown.


There children include: Elmer [m. P.C. Clark], Clara [m. Julius Eddy], Martin (Norman), Edwin, Lavina [m. Frank Howell],  Clarence Sylvester “Vester” [m Myrtle Troxel], Anna May,   Adellia “Mattie” [m. Frank Greenfield, William Kitzrow], Grinda, and one unknown child.


Grinda Josephine Hanson was born in Richland County, Wisconsin, the daughter of Hans (Magnus) and Inga Mary (Anderson) Hanson.  She was the first Hanson to marry into our family line marrying John (Warren) Van Allen when she was only 15 years of age.  See Van Allen for more details.


Below, a map shows a majority of the the Hanson families owning property in Richland County in 1895.  There were a few additional families located in the eastern side of the county.

Key Locations: Wisconsin, Norway, Sweden

Cemeteries (All): Basswood, Haskins, Immanuel Lutheran


1st Row: Sandra, Loree, Jeff, Ronald, Bruce


2nd Row: Virginia Thomson, Rachele Thomson, Donna (Van Allen) Thomson, Vera (Thomson) Haupt, Cheryl Haupt


3rd Row: Grinda (Hanson) VanAllen, Howard Thomson, James Thomson, Jackie Thomson

Nelson  "Nels" Hanson was, according to history written about Richland County, Wisconsin, one of the first Norwegians to move to the area and he appears to be the very first of the Hanson men to move to Richland County, Wisconsin, arriving in 1850. He began his journey to the States the year prior leaving Norway on June 9, 1849 and arriving New York on August 8.  Nelson  then moved to Highland, Iowa, Wisconsin, which is where he married his bride Caroline Larson.


Once in Richland County, he built a log cabin and a blacksmith’s shop on his property and became the first blacksmith in the area. Over time, he added land to his small farm. He donated land for the the Lutheran Church, which is indicated on the map below as being located in 1895 on one of his son’s property.


Although Nelson's parents are unknown, there are many other families where the head of the household was the correct age to be Nelson's brothers. Their relationship isn't proven.  However, it is clear that Hanson families were drawn to the particular area of Wisconsin and several of them lived in close proximity to each other.


Nelson and Caroline had four children:  Hans Magnus, Nettie or Nellie, Gustav Lewis (or reversed) [m. Lydia Paulson], and Charles H. [m. Helen Maria Collier].

Nelson Hanson

Magnus Hanson

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