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Migration & Immigration

Information about migration and immigration is in its infancy.  Currently This page includes location of birth information and immigration details.  The location of birth is shown graphically with color selections chosen to allow trends and movement to be easily observed.   It is  recognized that location of birth can be misleading as that location may simply be on a stop between two homes (e.g. the ancestor on the Pellett side that was born on the Atlantic Ocean). Analysis of movement or more detailed evaluations of less generations of a particular branch may be useful.


Below that is detailed information on immigration for all families. Some of the immigration dates proven while other data shows an earliest known date in North America.  I have personally researched many of these dates, but not nearly all of them.  Immigrations are assumed to be to what is now the United States unless otherwise specified.

McCracken - Pellett Location of Birth 10 Generation

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