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Family History is discovered by making a series of connections . . .


Genealogy and the history of families may be the most complex puzzle ever to exist.  It is the ultimate quest where no matter how much you succeed, you still fail to find everything.  On top of that, it is never the same for any two families. It is the unending, unraveling, twist & turn puzzle that only the brave tackle.  And, just when you think you have even the smallest detail conquered a piece of data will show up that contradicts everything you believe to date.


Successful genealogy is about taking in information, putting it in a pot, simmering it over low heat for a long period of time, and seeing what creative connections pop out.


For me, the genealogy puzzle has primarily been a journey through American history as all of my family lines have been in the United States since 1869 and several families date back to the sixteen and seventeen hundreds.  My information is a mix of proven and conjecture.  In writings, I try to make it clear where the data is only “believed” to be true vs. where it is known to be true (or at least known to the best of ones ability looking back in time.  One of my goals is to add that clarity to my genealogy charts as well.  I have begun this process, but it will take considerable time to go through every record and reconfirm the data.



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