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Key Locations: Canada, England, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri

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Cemeteries (All): Hiattville, Hiattville Catholic, Evergreen, Pleasant Valley

William Jury is our earliest identified ancestor.  He was born in England in 1812.  He immigrated to Canada where he married Eleanor “Ellen” Willett, the daughter of William Willett and Harriett Holden,  in March of 1835.  William and Ellen lived in the Blandford and Blenheim area of Oxford County, Ontario. They had four children (John Charles, Ann, William Holloway, and Ellen D.). They had just completed building a big barn on their property in Ontario when William was stricken with typhoid fever and died.After William’s death, the family remained in Ontario, where all of the children except Ellen married.

John Jury Jr.

John Jury was the first of the children to marry.  He wed  Matilda White, the daughter of Luke White and Frances Ann Humphrey who originated from England.


John and Matilda had four children (John Jr., Walter, Wilburt Henry, and Matilda E.).  However, Matilda (John’s wife) died at age 30 leaving four children under the age of 10. The following year, John, the children, his mother, his brother William’s family, and his sister Ellen immigrated to the United States, arriving in Bourbon County, Kansas in October 1869. The family spent their first night in the area at the Wilder House in Fort Scott.   The family then made a home southwest of Fort Scott eventually purchasing land with a log cabin on it.

Ontario, Canada

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Oxford, Ontario, Canada

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Why the family chose to come to Kansas at this particular time is not known, but is assumed that it  was tied to moving on after the loss of John’s wife and the fact that Kansas was a new state and open to settlement. Living on the prairie were not easy. In 1873, the grasshoppers destroyed everything and the family decided to move to northern Missouri.  However, within a couple years, the family was back in Bourbon County where John Sr. remarried to Harriett Warner.  In 1879, the family moved again.  This time settling in Sand Lake, Michigan.  However, the family decided that they had moved too far north and they relocated a few miles to near Grand Rapids, Michigan.


When Ellenor died in 1883, the family was again on the move.  However, this time his brother William decided not to move his family and they remained in Michigan. John Sr.  and his son John left to explore opportunities to settle in South Dakota.  Meanwhile, Matilda was sent to his sister Ellen’s in Hiattville, Kansas.  It is unclear where John Sr.’s other sons and his wife were during this period.  However, John Sr. and John Jr.  found a crowd of people looking for land in South Dakota and decided to return to Kansas where  the family merge back together. John lived out the remainder of his life in Bourbon County.


Matilda Jury married William J. Peelle and remained in Bourbon County living in and near Hiattville until after .  See the Peelle page for more information.

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  • Willett Family History

     William Willett was born in 1786 in  England.  Nothing is known of his parents or siblings.  While in England, he met and married Harriett Holden in Sussex County.  They had nine children before immigrating to Canada. There children include:  William, Eleanor “Ellen”, Charles Holloway, Anna “Anne” Maria (married Henry Hewitt), Caroline (married Richard S. Thomas), Abraham, Sarah (married John Carr),  Helenah, and Harriett (married Elam Burbank).


     Eleanor WIllett Jury

    Eleanor "Ellen" Willett was about 18 years of age when the family immigrated to Canada.  She married William Jury soon after their arrival.


    William and Harriett are buried in Ontario, Canada.


  • White Family History

    Luke White was born in Sussex, England around 1801. His death record indicated 1801, but based on his gravestone, he would have been born in 1800.  It is likely that he was born in Pullborough, the son of Benjamin John (son of John White) and Mary White as their locations and son Luke's birth aligns well with Luke in this family line although not exactly with his gravestone.  Another possibility is Luke (born in West Chiltington Parish) that was the son of George and Lucy.  However, this Luke was born prior to 1800.  Given Luke's children do not bear the names of either set of potential parents, it is possible that  our Luke is from a family yet to be found.


    Luke married Frances Ann Humphrey in  Bury, Sussex, England. They they began a family in Bignor, Sussex, England before immigrating to Canada. In 1851, they were living with their children: Luke, William, Walter, James, Ellen, Kisah, and Matilda in a log house in Blanford, Ontario, Canada.


    Luke was a farmer and lived into his 70's outliving Frances, who was known as Frannie.


    Matilda White, daughter of Luke and Frances, married John Jury.  However, she wasn't the only tie between the White and Jury families as her sister Emma's daughter  Agnes married John's brother William.  The two families immigrated to the United States together.

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