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Minnie Kutzner Helm

Key Locations: Germany, Iowa, Nebraska

Cemeteries (All): Hillside, Park Hill, Rose Hill Memorial Gardens

Herman Kutzner, born in Germany in 1851, is the earliest known ancestor in the Kutzner line.  Herman is said to have come to the country with a sister leaving his family, including other siblings, behind in Germany. He is believed to have lived near Somonsuk, Illinois for a short time before moving to Marshall County, Iowa, which he made his home for the remainder of his life.


In December 1885, Herman united in marriage with Wilhelmina “Minnie” Schmidt (This name is sometimes recorded as Smith), the daughter of Wilhelm Schmidt and Caroline Eichler (This name is sometimes recorded as Isler).  Minnie, who had also been born in Germany, first moved to South Dakota and it is unclear how Minnie and Herman met.


Minnie and Herman became parents to ten children: Otto, Herman A. (August Louis Herman), Emma, Albert W. “Bobby”, Minnie, Ernest, and four unknown children.  Herman A., Albert, and Ernest stayed in Marshall County, Iowa while Otto, Emma, and Minnie ventured into nearby Nebraska.


Herman A. married Herma Prosser and they raised a small family.  Ernest married Rosamund Busse and they had at least 7 children.  Emma married John Schlender.  They also had 7 children.  No marriages or children are known for Otto or Albert.


This particular branch of the family descends from Minnie, who married Jacob Helm.  See the Helm page for more details.

























Emma's daughter Marie Schlender (m. William H. Reuter)

























Minnie Kutzner Helm and her brother Hearman A. Helm
























Emma's daughter Martha Schlender (m. Ashton)

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