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Key Locations: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania

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  Lemuel McCracken is the earliest identified McCracken in our family line.  He was born in 1831 in either Pennsylvania or Ohio.  Around 1850, Lemuel moved to Iowa.  In 1854, he is living alone in Lee County, Iowa.


Later that year he married Sarah Dufer.  They had one son Delarma Lawrence (spelling varies from record to record) in 1858.  Some records refer to him as Del, but most records during his adult years refer to him Lawrence.  Lawrence seems to age faster than the years actually pass with later records putting his birth year at an earlier date.  The reason for this is thought to be the fact that he was younger than his wife Nancy Judy and the age changed for convenience and image.  Lawrence and Nancy were the parents of 7 children: Mary Elisabeth m. Albert Gross, Samuel Corr, no children; Sarah Jane, died young; Arthur Royal m. Ida May McNeil Ewing, no children; George William m. Anna Edith Vath, at least 4 children; Nancy Helen m. Steward James Smalley, at least 9 children; Harriett Lucretia m. Bert Verny Gaylord, at least 5 children; Laura Clara m. Frederick Ellsworth Smith, at least 6 children; and Ruth Ann m. Daniel William Fye.


Although no record has been found, it is assumed that Sarah died in 1858 as Lemuel remarried to Louisiana Badgley (our ancestor) in January 1859.  Badgley was Louisiana’s name from her first marriage. She had married James Badgley in Ohio and they had two children Mary Ann and Louis. We had always heard from family that  Louisiana’s maiden name was Johnson; however, records show several different, but similar maiden names and it appears that her last name was actually Matteer.  Why the name Johnson was passed down through the family remains a mystery.


In 1860, Lemuel, Louisiana, her children, his son, and their oldest child are living in Lee County, Iowa. By 1870,  Lemuel and Louisiana had four children together.  At this point, Louisiana's daughter Mary Ann was married to John Macklin and was living in Quincy, Illinois, Lemuel's son Lawrence was living with another family and working on the farm although he was only 12, and Louisiana's son Louis does not appear in the records.  It is assumed that he must have died; however, no confirming record has been found.


In 1873, Lemuel, Louisiana, and the children that they had together [Lemuel Franklin (m. Annie Brockmeyer, 2 children), William Thomas (m. Louretta Johnston, Mollie Jaynes; one child with Louretta, three with Mollie and a step-son), Andrew Johnson (m. Rosa Ellis, 9 children), Ida Belle (m. John Lane/Lame, 2 children), and Joseph (Henry) (m. Laura Geer, 10 children)  moved to Crawford County, Kansas, apparently leaving Lawrence, who was only 15, behind in Iowa.  Their last child, Minnie Alameda, who married Charles Munroe, no children) was born in Kansas in 1874. Note: Minnie Almeda's name was originally Francis E.  The name changed sometime after 1880.


Louisiana's brother Charles was already living in Kansas when Lemuel and Louisiana arrived.  He had first moved to Allen County before moving to Howard County in and area that is now Chautauqua County where Lemuel later lived.  It is unclear where he was in 1873 as he was in Howard County in 1872 and in Scott Township in Bourbon County in 1875.  It is assumed that he was still in Howard County when they arrived in Kansas as it was told that they spent their first night in Kansas with the Gallea family (who Lemuel knew/knew of)  just south of the Bourbon-Crawford County Line near Cato.


Sometime after 1875, Louisiana was ailing and the family headed to where family lived.  It is unclear whether they made it to their destination or whether they had to stop due to Louisiana’s deteriorating health.  In 1879, Louisiana died in Bates County, Missouri.


After Louisiana died, Lemuel stayed in Bates County.  In 1880, he is living there with his four youngest children.  It is unclear where Delarma Lawrence, Lemuel Franklin and William Thomas were at this time as they have not been found in the 1880 census records.


The next spring, Lemuel married Melissa (Eveline) Donley McKown Rhodes.  Eveline had  two prior marriages and had children from each prior marriage. Her children were Laura Luella "Ella" McKown,  Felix Henry McKown, and Thomas A. Rhodes.


 It is unclear which ones of Lemuel and Eveline's children  lived with them.   However,  it is known that Louisiana's daughter Mary Ann Badgley Macklin was married and living in Adams County, Illinois at this time.  Lemuel's son Lawrence marries in Lee County, Iowa that same year. There are no details on Lemuel Franklin or William Thomas until 1886 and 1885, respectively.  Likewise, no records have been found for several of the others during what I will call the missing years (1881-1893).  We do know that Henry went to live with the Dudley family and moved with them to Butler County, Kansas by 1885. It is unknown exactly when he went to live with them. It also seems that Minnie may have went to live elsewhere, possibly with her half-sister Mary, who was old enough to be her mother.  There are no known children of Lemuel and Eveline.


In 1893, Lemuel and Eveline moved to Chautauqua County, Kansas. It is unknown if they had been in Bates County the entire duration of their marriage to that point or not  although one article indicated that they may have lived south of Nevada for a time.  It is also unknown why they chose to  move to Chautauqua County.  Louisiana's brother had lived in the area at one time, they knew the Porcupile family that lived in the area, and a niece of Louisana's was in the area, but it is unclear if any of these drove Lemuel and Evaline to move to the area or not.


In 1905, Lemuel and Eveline moved again.  There are indications that they moved back to Missouri. However, it appears that they actually moved to near Farlington.  Andrew appeared to look after them until Lemuel was hospitalized shortly before his death.


At some point, Eveline  moved to Texas to live with her son Thomas although it is believed that she may have spent time with her other children.


It was a large family with lots of half and step siblings.  The family was spread across Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas.  It is known that some of the kids kept in touch with each other, but it isn't clear if all of them did or not.  Of course, some of them may never have met some of the others.






                                          Lemuel & Eveline


Matteer Family History

 Matthias Matteer, whose name is sometimes written as Mathias or Matthew, was born in 1806 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. His parents are unknown except that census records indicate his father was from France and his mother was from Canada. Based on other families in the Dauphin County areas, his father's family may have been from an area along the French/German border. The family may have used one of several spellings of the last name, including Matter, Matteer, Mateer, and Mater as they were all prevalent in that area. His sons used Mateer although Matthias is more often found with the Matteer spelling.


In 1828, Matthias married Mary Rodgers.  In 1829, they moved to Washington County, Ohio  where they became the parents of 10 children: Louisiana, Lucetta (married Peter Vandarsol and Mr. Andrews), Margaretta (married James Snodderly), Hannah (married Thomas McIntosh), William, Francis (married Cordelia Ann Gorgas), Lavina, Charles (married Sarah Ann Potts), Mary, and Sarah (married Henry Phillips, Thomas Moore).


INFO: Sons William and Francis fought in the Civil War.  William was KIA at Independence, Missouri.


After Mary died, Matthias married Ann Elizabeth (Soloman) Westfall.  In 1851, Matthias, Ann Elizabeth and many of their children from their prior marriages moved to Lee County, Iowa, where he lived out the remaining years of his life.  Matthias died in 1889.


Louisiana Matteer was born in Washington County, Ohio in 1830.  In 1846 she married James Badgley in Watertown, Washington, Ohio.  They had two children: Mary Ann and Louis. Both the children were with Louisiana after she married Lemuel.  Mary Ann married John Macklin and moved to Quincy, Illinois where she had at least 8 children.  After 1860, Louis disappears.  His fate is unknown.


It is unknown what happened to her marriage to James. It is possible James died either in Ohio or in the move west.  However, a James Badgley married in 1861 in Washington County, Ohio. It seems possible that this is the same James that she married. If so, they must have parted ways.  In any case, Louisiana and her children came to be in Lee County, Iowa by 1859 when she married Lemuel McCracken.  Louisiana died in Bates County, Missouri in 1879.


See Lemuel McCracken for more details.

Rodgers Family History

Mary Rodgers was born in Perry County, Pennsylvania in 1812 to unknown parents. In 1828, she married Matthias Matteer and they moved to Washington County, Ohio where she gave birth to 10 children.  She died approximately 1850 with  records indicating both 1849 and 1850 .  See Matthias Matteer for more information.




Andrew McCracken

Andrew Johnson “Andy” McCracken, from whom we descend, was born in 1866 in Lee Co, Iowa.   In 1870, the census record shows him as age 4, although if the known birth date is correct, he would have only been 3.  In either case, it shows him attending school so he must have gotten some education at a very young age.


Andrew moved with the family to Crawford Co., Kansas in 1873 and later to Bates Co., Missouri.  Sometime after 1880, he returned to Crawford Co, Kansas.


 In 1892, he married Rosa Isabel “Rose” Ellis, daughter of Joseph and Cynthia Ann Nicholson Ellis.  They made their life together in the Farlington area, where they raised six sons and three daughters: Joseph Andrew (m. Nellie McCracken), Ray Eugene (m. Ruth Colegrove), Cynthia Alice (m. Vernie Salyer), Oella Louisiana (m. Chet Peterson), Lemuel Lewis (m. Fern Lozier), Alameda (Belle) (m. Roy Draper, Thomas Edward "Ed" "Bob" Johnson, Warren Zimmerman), Elmer Thomas (m. Ethel Matlock), Ernest Franklin (m. Myrtle Owen), and Dewey Cortis “Doc”.


Andrew and Rosa  lived for a time one mile south of the Crawford County line and one mile east of highway 7.  It can be reached by going from the Joe & Nellie McCracken home east to the first intersection.  Then go south 2 miles.  There is an intersection that goes only east.  The house sat on the southeast corner of the intersection.  Just around the bend ½ mile south is the Pleasant Ridge School, which was also known as the Johnson School.


Andrew and Rosa also have lived west on the Farlington Lake Road on the southwest side where a grove of trees stand. He farmed and raised cattle for a living while living at these locations.  Three years before he died, he moved into Farlington, where he ran a business containing a store and a short-order restaurant.


See the Ellis page for details on Rosa's ancestry.

 Joseph Andrew McCrackenJoseph Andrew McCracken, was the second oldest of Andrew and Rosa's children and the son from which we descend.  In 1914, he united in marriage with Nellie Peelle, daughter of William J. and Matilda Jury Peelle.  Over the next few years, they lived at various farms along the Bourbon-Crawford County line finally settling at the farm that Nellie's parents and grandparents had purchased when Nellie was growing up.


Nellie gave birth to eleven children:  O'Ella  Louise (m. Everett Ross), Ester Lucille (m. Weldon Fisher), Dewey Stanton (m. Jacqueline Corfman Mills), William (Howard), Beth Arlene, Ruby Faye (m. Glen Niemeir), Nellie (Dee) (m. Les Burnam), Ruthe Joan (m. Jerry McCarty), Joseph Edward "Ed" (m. Elma Pellett), Kenneth Donald "Don" (m. Janice Houghton), and Carol Lee "Kay" (m. Donald Davis).


In 1947, Joe and Nellie moved about a mile west to a farm that they had purchased a few years earlier.  Then with Joe ailing, they moved into town in the late 1950's.  Joe died in 1960 and Nellie remained in town until late in life when she returned to the home where she had raised her children to live with her oldest son and his wife.


Andrew and Rosa McCracken's Children


Joe and Nellie McCracken Family

Ruthe McCarty, Ruby Neimier, Carol Davis, Don McCracken, Ester Fisher,

Ed McCracken, Dee McCracken, Dewey McCracken, O'Ella Ross


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