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 Lawrence Peele was the first of our Peelle family to arrive in America.  He left England in 1620 and arrived in the colonies in the spring of 1621 only a few months after the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock.  Although I have not traced every detail of this line back to England, my research combined with the research of others makes me reasonably confident that we do descend from Lawrence.


     Lawrence came to America with the London Company and settled in Virginia.  He was a survivor as many of the people who came during that time period died from disease and the harsh life of the colonies.  To read more about Lawrence, click on the link at the left for “First Peelle Family,” which is a site owned by another researcher who has spent much time looking at the early years of the Peelle family in America.  Note:  The names: Peelle, Peele, Peel, Peale, and Peal are all thought to be related and to be part of the same family.


Robert Peele, son of Lawrence Peele, was born in Virginia in 1635. Neither his mother's nor his wife's names are known.


Robert Peele II, son of Robert Peele [1635], was also born in Virginia.  He was born about 1657 and married Mrs. Sarah Jarrett, who is believed to have been the widow of Thomas Jarrett. They are believed to be the parents of at least four children.


Robert Peele III, son of Robert Peele [1657] and his wife Sarah, was born about 1681 at Sleepy Hole in Nanesmond County, Virginia. About 1708, he married Judith Edwards (Some people believe this was Judith Norsworthy or that perhaps Judith married prior to marrying Robert.). Robert and Judith were the parents to twelve children: Robert, Edmund, Sarah [m. John Duke], Mary, Joseph, John B., Joshua [m. Sarah], James, Josiah [m. Jeclovey Howard], Elizabeth [m. Mr. Cox, which one is in question] John Jellary [m. Mary Norsworthy], and Mary [m. William Granberry].

Key Locations:  Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Virginia

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Passco Peelle

Robert Peele IV, son of Robert Peele [1681] and Judith Edwards, was born in 1709 in Northampton County, North Carolina. In 1728, he married Elizabeth Edgerton. Robert and Elizabeth were the parents to at least 5 children: Robert [m. Margaret Jossey],  Isaac "Passco", Elizabeth , Mary [m. Thomas Howell], and Sarah [m. David Newsom] at the time of Elizabeth’s death. A year later Robert remarried to Charity Dickenson and they became the parents of 9 children.: David [m. Mary "Mollie Woodward], Judith, Jeremiah[m. Elizabeth Daughtry] , Anne [m. Cornelius Outland], Charity [m.C.Judkin], Abigail "Abba" [m. Joseph Jinnette] , Elizabeth [[m. Mr. Bryant], Rachel [m. Robert Fellow], Celia [m. Zachariah Morris].


It is at this point, that our family line becomes doubly related to the Peele family as we descend from a descendant of  Robert and Judith and a descendant of Robert and Charity, who married.  The two family lines are shown in separate columns until merge in a later generation.

Judith Peele, daughter of Robert Peele [1709] and Charity Dickenson, was born in Wayne County, North Carolina in 1754.  She married Josiah Cox.  They were the parents to at least nine children including Sarah " Sally" that married Isaac "Passco" Peelle's son William. See the Cox family for more details on this family line.

Isaac "Passco" Peele, son of Robert Peele [1709] and Elizabeth Edgerton was born in 1733.  It is believed that his real name is Isaac and that he preferred the name Passco, Pasco, Pascho or some variant.  He is named in his father’s first will with the name “Isaac,” in his father’s updated will with the name “Passco,” and his name was written as “Passcho” in his own will although he signed with a mark.  The name Passco definitely doesn’t match the very English sounding names of his siblings or parents and a mystery surrounds how he obtained that name.  However, like the name Robert in earlier generations, the name Passco/Pasco was passed down generation to generation.


In 1775, Passco married Tabitha Dunigan.  They became the parents of 10 children. It was after Passco’s death in 1807 that the family began moving westward.  At a minimum, the following offspring: William, John, Achsah [m.John Thomas, and Anna [m. Thomas Parker] journeyed from their home in North Carolina to make a new home in Indiana, which was just opening up for settlement.


William Peelle, son of Isaac "Passco" Peele and Tabitha Dunigan, was born in North Carolina in 1786. It seems to be with his generation that our Peelle branch changed the spelling of the last name.  Other branches kept Peele while yet others changed over the years to Peel or Peal.


In 1809, William Peelle married Sarah "Sally" Cox, who was also a descendant of Robert Peele.  See the Cox family and Judith Peele for details of Sally's lineage.


William and Sally were the parents of Passco, John Cox, and William Adams Peelle.  When the kids were young, the family moved from North Carolina to Wayne County, Indiana, arriving there December 25, 1820.  This is where the family flourished and grew for many years.


William Adams Peelle was an attorney, served as Secretary of State for Indiana, was Judge of Common Pleas Court, representative to the Legislature, and served as president of Equitable Fire Insurance. William A. Peelle apparently was a man of political standing as he sent a letter to the Honorable A. Lincoln of Springfield, Illinois to recommend Caleb B. Smith for Lincoln’s cabinet.  Smith went on to serve as Lincoln’s Secretary of Interior.


John’s son Stanton Judkins Peelle followed in his uncle’s footsteps. Stanton was an attorney, served in the Civil War, was selected to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention, was a representative in the Indiana legislature, was a law professor, and served as Chief Justice U.S. Court of Claims in Washington D.C..  Neither Passco or his children became involved in law although his son William Johnson showed interest in the topic and was known to observe court proceedings and participated in the inquest into the death of multiple people.


Passco Peelle stayed away from the legal profession, living as a farmer. He married Martha Johnson in 1845 in Wayne County, Indiana.  They settled in Randolph County, Indiana owning 159 1/2 acres due west of Lynn and northeast of Bloomingsport.  School No. 8 sat on the other 1/2 acre of the section.


Martha gave birth to 8 children: Rachel [m. Wiley Benson], Carolina, Evaline [m. John A. Farmer], Elzena "Jennie" [m. William T. Lewis], William Johnson, Sarah Ann "Sally" [m. Christopeher C. Longnecker], Emmaline D. "Lillie" [m. Alpheus "Alf" Potter], and Mossie Lea [m. Alvin "Ed" Wilkie].  All the children lived to adulthood except Carolina, who died of scarlet fever.


In  1879, Passco and Martha moved to near Hiattville in Bourbon County, Kansas.  The three youngest children moved to Kansas; however, the older girls were married and stayed behind in Indiana.   It is unclear why the family moved to Kansas; however, the property that they purchased and the town of Hiattville both had ties to Randolph County, Indiana.


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  • Cox Family History


    Thomas Cox was possibly born in Pennsylvania.  He is believed to be the son of Thomas Cox.  He married Phebe Fellow and they are believed to have had 10 children.  More research is needed on Thomas and Phebe to verify accuracy of data and to determine if links back to England are valid.


    Josiah Cox, son of Thomas Cox and Phebe Fellow, lived his life in North Carolina.  In 1777, he married his bride Judith Peelle at the Friends meeting house. They were the parents of at least 8 children: Anna [m. John Overman]; Charity [m. John Musgrave]; John [m. Elizabeth Bass]; Sarah "Sally"; Phebe [m. Jesse Marine]; Edmund; Abigail "Abba"; and Betty [m.Andrews].


    Sarah "Sally" Cox, daughter of Josiah and Judith (Peelle) Cox, was born in 1783 in North Carolina.  She married William Peelle who was  her half first cousin.


  • Edgerton Family History


    William Patrick Edgerton was born in Northampton, Virginia and moved to North Carolina where he married Mary. This family line is still under investigation.


    Elizabeth Edgerton was born in North Carolina about 1712.  She is believed to be the daughter of William Patrick and Mary Edgerton. In 1728, she married Robert Peele.

  • Johnson Family History


    William Johnson Sr. was born in Orange County, North Carolina.  Although more direct research is needed, there is a belief that this Johnson family came to America from Ireland before 1732.


    William is believed to have married Sarah Adams in Surrey County, North Carolina in 1798.  They are believed to be the parents of at least 7 children: Stephen [m. Abigail Macy]; Martha [m. Benjamin Hutchins]; Susannah [m. Joshua Cranor]; George [m. Mary Ann Huff]; Anne [m. Jonas Lykens]; William; and Samuel [m. Catherine Ladd].


    Sometime between 1808 and 1815, William and Sarah moved their family to Wayne County, Indiana.  There were many other families that made a similar move as a good portion of the early settlers in Wayne County had roots in North Carolina.


    William Johnson Jr. was born in North Carolina and moved with his parents to Wayne County, Indiana.  In 1824, he married Rachel Smith, whose family had also moved from North Carolina to Indiana.  Records from a family reunion years later state that William and Rachel were the parents to eight children.  However, Rachel died in 1839 and William only two years later.  It is not known what happened to all of the children or even if they all survived.






















    Martha Johnson, daughter of William Johnson and Rachel Smith, was born in near Williamsburg in Wayne County, Indiana. In 1845, she married Passco Peelle.




















    James and Lydia (Johnson) Harris

     Martha (Johnson) Peelle

     It is known that Martha, likely the oldest daughter; Eleazer "Ail", the oldest son; and Lydia, ten years their junior survived.  Both Eleazer and Lydia married, but neither ever had any children although Lydia had a step-son and also raised a young girl.  These siblings of Martha lived for many years in Iowa.

  • Smith Family History

    James Thompson Smith lived his life in new Jersey, marrying Rachel Anne Parke.  They are believed to be the parents of eight children, including Thompson Smith.


    Thompson Smith, son of James Thompson and Rachel Anne Smith, is said to be the grandfather of Rachel Smith, the most recent of the Smith family in our line.  Thompson was born in New Jersey and died in North Carolina.  He is believed to have been the father of nine children with a wife possibly named Rachel.


    Eleazer Smith, son of Thompson and Rachel Smith, was born in Monmouth, New Jersey in 1776.  He moved with his family to North Carolina, where he married Ruth Davis, daughter of Henry and Ruth Davis and  a native of North Carolina. They were the parents of at least six children: James; Thompson [m. Esther Hiatt]; Rachel; Martha [m. Thomas Cook]; William Davis [m. Eliza Stegall]; and Ruth [m. John Cox Peelle, a brother to Passco Peelle].


    Eleazer and Ruth moved their family to Wayne County, Indiana in 1816.  They settled 3 miles from Williamsburg, where Eleazer and Ruth lived the remainder of their lives.


    Rachel Smith, daughter of Eleazer Smith and Ruth Davis,  was born in North Carolina in the early 1800's.  She moved with her family to Wayne County, Indiana, where she married William Johnson.  Rachel died at age 34, leaving William with a family.

















William J.  and Matilda (Jury) Peelle

William J. Peelle, son of Passco and Martha, was born on New Year's Day in 1856.  When his family moved to Hiattville, Kansas,  William J. stayed behind in Indiana to take care of business and ship household goods to Kansas.    It was about this time that William J. began documenting his activities in a journal. Most of the entries were about his work activities or the places he visited. Few women were mentioned as he would refer to his sisters' homes by their husbands' names.  His entries were brief and he was a master of the understatement.  A good example is his entry for the day one of the worst cold fronts came down from Canada killing many people across the Dakotas and Nebraska, he simply stated that it was cold.  Similarly, the day his first child was born, he said that he did not work due to sickness in the family.  He continued his journals for nearly 15 years. Why he stopped is unknown.  The journals are available online at W J Peelle Journal.  They are password protected.  Contact me to receive the password.


After completing the business in Indiana, William J. traveled to Hiattville via train.  Then he headed out to the farm his father had purchased north of Hiattville near the Scofield School.  William J. was a carpenter and added a kitchen and other improvements to this home.  Then they moved into Hiattville, purchasing several lots with some in the business district, where William J. had his carpentry shop, and in the residential area.



In 1892, William J. married Matilda Jury, daughter of John Charles and Matilda (White) Jury. By the time they decided to move again, they had a daughter Lydia with another daughter, Nellie, on the way.  With this move, they sold their lots in Hiattville and moved to a property 4 miles west of Hiattville.  Passco, Martha, William J., Matilda, and their growing family moved into a nice two story home.  However, they did not stay long at this residence.  They sold the property, moved to another nearby home for a very brief time, and then returned to the property north of Hiattville.  After they moved out of the home west of Hiattville, it burnt.  However, members of the family later lived in another house (converted school) on the same property for many years.

Then in 1906, Passco, Martha, William J., and Matilda moved the family, which now included three children: Lydia, Nellie, and Passco "Pat", one last time to the property near Highway 7.   Over the coming years, Passco and Martha died of old age and William J. died of injuries sustained in a wagon accident, leaving Matilda and the three children.  Matilda managed to hold onto the property and it became known as "The Homeplace."  It would stay in the family for approximately 90 years.


Nellie Peelle, daughter of William J. and Matilda (Jury) Peelle, was born near Hiattville, Kansas.  She attended school at several of the rural schools including Rocky Vale, which her children all attended.  In 1914, she married Joseph Andrew McCracken.  See McCracken for details of their life together.  She was living in Ft. Scott at the time of Joe's death.  She remained in town the remainder of her life with the exception of a period in the 1970's when she returned to "The Homeplace" to live with her son and his wife.




















Nellie (Peelle) McCracken

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