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Abel & Eunity (Harrison) Pellett

Francis A. Pellett, is the first well-documented Pellett in our family line. He is believed to be the son of George and Eleanor Pellett of Itreland.  However, Francis' ancestry may have been rooted in France.  According to a passage read from a family Bible at a reunion in 1900, Francis' grandfather and grandmother were persecuted for their religion in France.  It stated "One was burnt on the spit and one on the gridiron. . ." while their son George was forced to watch.  He then supposedly got loose from the bounds that held him and fled to Ireland.  Others indicate George was actually born in Ireland.


Francis was born in 1765 in Moate, Egremont, St. Galway, Ireland and immigrated to America in 1795.  Four years later he joined in marriage with Mary John, daughter of Abel and Mary (Fisher) John, at the Menallen MM (Quaker Meeting) in Adams County, Pennsylvania. .


In 1800, Francis and Mary were recorded with the Westland MM in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  During this time, Eleanor (m. Martin Kennedy), the first of their  children was born.  By 1807,  the family was with the Midleton MM and four more children had been born: Abel John (m. Eunity Harrison), Mary Eleanor (m. George Kennedy), and Elizabeth (m. Edward Pyle Horn). In 1817, they were united with the Carmel MM, including 10 of their children.  t this point, Nancy Elizabeth (m. Nathan Boram), Vincent, Rachel, Matilda, Joseph (m. Sarah Holloway), and Ann had also been born.  it was after the move to Carmel MM that Lorenzo Dow Pellett (m. Anna Randall) was born.


In 1826, Francis was disowned by the Society of Friends for "disunity" meaning that he had done something that the Quakers felt objectionable.  However, in 1829 he was reinstated.  Then in 1846, Francis, Mary, and Matilda were granted a certificate to move to the Honey Creek MM in Indiana.  Francis died in Tippecanoe, Marshall, Indiana in October of that year.  Mary lived another 9 years dying in the same location

  • Andrus Family History


    Lydia Andrus,  believed to be the daughter of Richard Andrus and Asenath Hunington, was born in Vermont.  If these are indeed her parents, then her grandparents were John and Grace (Rood/Rude) Andrus of Connecticut orgin.  Also, her ancestors on the Hunington side are well documented.  However, the details on this ancestry are not added as effort is being made to find a record showing this lineage.

  • Benedict Family History

    Thomas Benedict of England took Mary Bridgham also of England as his bride after he arrived in America.


    John Benedict, son of Thomas and Mary (Bridgham) Benedict, was born in New York in 1670. He married Phoebe Gregory after he moved to Connecticut.


    Benjamin Benedict, son of John and Phoebe (Gregory) Benedict, lived his entire life in Connecticut, marrying Mary Platt daughter of Isaac Platt and Elizabeth Wood.  They raised a large family with at least ten children.


    Daniel Benedict, son of Benjamin Benedict and Mary Platt, was born in 1716. He was married to Agnes Wallace and Hannah Burr.


    Mary Benedict married Archibald Crawford in New York.  The ancestry mentioned here requires more research as New York and Connecticut both seem to be in her family line and it is unclear if there was as much movement between locations as indicated.  Perhaps, two families have been intermixed.

  • Bunting Family History


    Anthony Bunting, son of William Bunting, was born in England in the early 1600's. He married Ellen Barker and they became the parents of six children.  They were some of the earliest Quakers.


    John Bunting, son of Anthony and Ellen (Barker) Bunting, was born in the mid-1600's in England.    He immigrated to New Jersey, where he married Sarah Foulkes, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Pancoast) Foulke(s), who came to America to purchase land from the Indians. John and Sarah had at least 5 children.


    William Bunting, son of John and Sarah (Foulkes) Bunting, was born in Burlington County, New Jersey.  In 1716, he married Abigail Horseman, daughter of Marmaduke and Sarah (Woods) Horseman.  They spent their entire lives in Burlington County, raising eight children.


    John Bunting, son of William and Abigail (Horseman) Bunting also spent his entire life in Burlington County, New Jersey.  He and his wife Mary Carter, had at least six children.


    John Bunting Jr., son of John and Mary (Carter) Bunting, was the first in our Bunting family to venture outside of New Jersey.  After John and his wife Patience Tilton, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Thorne) Tilton, had nine children, they ventured into Pennsylvania.


    Sarah Bunting, daughter of John and Patience (Tilton) Bunting, was born in New Jersey.  However, it seems that she possibly married Peter Harrison in Maryland.  This is being verified.  However, eventually they ended up in Ohio.

  • Crawford Family History

    John Crawford was born in Ireland about 1707.  In 1733, he immigrated to America with his wife Jane Henderson and their growing family.  Once they reached American soil, they took up residence in Connecticut before moving to  Pound Ridge, New York. In total, they had at least six children.


    Archibald Crawford, son of John and Jane (Henderson) Crawford, had an interesting birth, being born on the Atlantic Ocean as the family sailed to their new home.  Interesting life experiences must have been in his genes as Archibald's house was burned by the British during the Revolutionary War as a way to pay him back for his support of the Revolution.  The attack was so sudden that he had to rescue his son Archibald from the burning house.  His wife Mary Benedict was pregnant at the time, but made it through the winter living in the barn only going to a neighbor's house when it was time for the baby to arrive.   Archibald and Mary raised their children in New York.


    Archibald Crawford, the son that his father Archibald saved from the fire, married Mary Wood,  They became the parents to nine children: Alfred Wood, Carmi, Agnes, Almira, Ezra, Sarah Ann, Deborah, Archibald John Lewis, and Purthena.  Some of their children moved west to Ohio while others remained in New York.


    Alfred Wood Crawford was one of the children of Archibald and Mary (Wood) Crawford that ventured westward. It is believed that he married Lydia Andrus possibly in Holmes County, Ohio or in Vermont.  They were parents to eleven children: Almira, Sally, Ezra, Seneca, Aseneth Ecrith, Alfred W., Susannah, Lydia Purthena, Cyrus, and an unnamed child.


    Aseneth Ecrieth Crawford, daughter of Alfred Wood and Lydia (Andrus) Crawford married Seth Pellett and moved with the Pellett family to Bourbon County, Kansas.

  • Fisher Family History

    Mary Fisher was born in Pennsylvania in 1727 and was the daughter of Thomas Fisher of England and Elizabeth Huntley who was a first generation American with both her parents, William Huntley and Mary Stanfield, being from England.

  • Harrison Family History

    Richard Harrison is believe to be an ancestor and the associated tree shows a possible lineage; however, Peter's ancestry requires additional investigation.  His ancestors are believed to have come from England to New Jersey.


    Peter Harrison, father of Eunity Harrison, is believed to have been born in Maryland.  He married Sarah Bunting. About 1815, they moved to Columbiana Co, Ohio.


    Peter and Sarah were Quakers and the parents to 15 children: Samuel, Elisha, John, William Henry, Eunity, Richard, Hannah, Patience, Barzilla, Enoch, Daniel, Benjamin, Lydia Ann, Elizabeth,  and George Washington Harris.  Most of the Harrison children lived their adult lives in Ohio with the exception of Lydia Ann who moved to Iowa with her husband and Eunity who moved to Kansas.


    Eunity Harrision, daughter of Peter and Sarah (Bunting) Harrison, was born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania before the turn of the century.  In 8125,  married Abel John Pellett, who was from another local Quaker family.


  • John Family History

    Griffith John, Abel John's father,  immigrated to the colonies from Wales in 1709 with his brother Samuel. The two men could speak English and Welsh and could read and write.  And,  each brought to America a Bible that contained a story of a family member that fought in the crusades and had been knighted.  However, little was passed down in Griffith’s family about that story.


    Griffith’s parents are said to be John and Elinor Phillips.  The explanation for the surname difference is naming conventions of the era.  Griffith would have been Griffith ap John, which was translated to Griffith John.  Some researchers believe this family is tied to a Phillips family whose ancestry is known back for many generations.


    Despite the fact that Griffith was twice as old as his prospective  bride Ann Williams, daughter of Robert Williams and Gwen Cadwalader, the Quaker Church approved their wedding in 1715.  This could have been because Griffith was a Quaker minister and served in this capacity for most of his 70 years in America.


    Griffith and Ann had 12 children: Ann (m. John Benson), Rachel (James Benson), Joshua (m.Rachel Davis), Hannah (m. John Davis), Jane (m. Enoch Meredith), Abel (m. Mary Fisher) Griffith (m. Sarah Lloyd), Esther (m. Mr. McLean), Robert(m. Aseneth Phipps), Sarah (m. William Dillon), Asa, and Reuben (m. Lydia Townsend).


    Abel John, our direct ancestor, was born in 1727 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married his bride Mary Fished in 1755 at the Uwchian MM. By 1800, they had made their way west to Washington County, Pennsylvania where Abel died naming his wife, son Joseph (m. Mary Bonine) and daughters Elizabeth (m. Henry Mills), Ann (m. Jonathan Hewitt), and Mary (m. Francis Pellett) in his will.


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  • Williams Family History

    Ann Williams, daughter of Robert Williams and Gwen Cadwalader, was born in 1700 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Robert was from Wales, possibly descending from Ellis Williams; however, Gwen was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of John Cadwalader and Sarah Roberts, who is also believed to have Welsh roots.



Henry & Della (Conner) Pellett


Clifford & Dessie (Thomas) Pellett and son


Abel John Pellett, son of Francis and Mary (John) Pellett  married Eunity Harrison, daughter of Peter and Sarah (Bunting) Harrision, in Harrison County, Ohio at the Shortcreek MM in 1825.  They were the parents to George W. [m. Sarah Cowgill, Elizabeth] , Sarah [m. Albert Fox], Elisha "Lish" [m. Julia Ann Paxton], Salathiel "Late" [m. Hester James, Ellen White], Seth M., Mary Ellen [m. George Branson], Harrison "Hack" [m. Elizabeth Martin], Allen James "Al" [m. Philane Branson, Nancy Baker Shook, Elizabeth Slater] , Albert F. "Bert" [m. Catherine Grubb], and two infants that died.


 Abel John and Eunity moved several times within Ohio living in Portage, Stark, Holmes, and Logan counties. They remained in Logan County for 21 years. Then about 1869, Abel John and Eunity moved west to Kansas, settling in Bourbon County in Drywood Township. Initially George and Elisha stayed in Logan County, Ohio.  However, Elisha soon joined the family in Kansas, leaving George and his family in Logan County, where George remained for the rest  of his life.


Seth M. Pellett, son of Abel John and Eunity (Harrision) Pellett, was born in Ohio.  However, the exact location is still in question. He married Aseneth Crawford, daughter of Alfred W. and Lydia (Andrus) Crawford in Holmes County, Ohio. They had their first seven children: Purthena, Alfred Crawford "Alf" [m. Cordelia Abbott, Mary Hendrickson], Mary [m. William Carter], Cynthia Ann [m. Jasper Jones, Fred Van Brunt], Lincoln "Link" [m. Clara (Belle) Scott], Ezra Mitchell [m. Lillie Carver], and Lydia  [m. Lincoln Johnston] in Ohio.  Soon after Lydia was born in 1867, the family moved to Bourbon County, Kansas settling near Garland.  There, Aseneth gave birth to five more children: Lorenzo Dow "Lory" [m. Mary Emerick], Henry, Ellen [m. Charles Beagles], Viola Estella, and Seth Claney [m. Emma Miller, Sadie Vandermullen]. Their oldest daughter died at age 5 and was buried in Ohio.  Their youngest daughter died in Kansas just days after her birth.


Henry Pellett, son of Seth and Aseneth (Crawford) Pellett, was born near Garland in 1871 on lands that had been Indian Territory not many years before.  In 1893, he married Della Conner, daughter of Willis and Mary I. (Portwood) Conner.  They had four children: Clifford Claney, Nina M. (died as a child), Henry B. [m. Bertha Marsh, Nina Majors], and Aseneth [m. Irvin Armer], before Della died in 1908 at age 33. Two years later, Henry married Betty Maxwell. However, only three months later, Henry filed for divorce.  Then in 1914, Henry married Emma (Jones) Young.  They had one son: Ralph Raymond [m. Catherine Hefferman].   They kept their farm near Garland, but moved to Arcadia, where Henry  worked for a railroad and a brick plant.  By the time their son was three, Henry had moved back to the farm, both had made accusations about the other, and both had filed for divorce. The apparent reason for their disagreement was Henry's three children by his first wife and Emma's three children by her first husband.  Henry did not remarry.


Clifford Pellett, Son of Henry and Della (Conner) Pellett, was born near Garland, Kansas in 1895.  In 1923, he married Dessie Thomas, daughter of James William and Sadie (Ashby) Thomas of the local area.  They  had five children:  Lyle (still birth), Marvin, Inez, Elma, and Ruby. Clifford served in WWI and spent his later years in a VA hospital.


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