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Sweet Dreams


Sweet Dreams Baby Beth


Oh, sweet Baby Beth,

The news that you were on the way

Lit up our hearts with joy.

Give us a healthy baby we prayed.


One day late in December,

You came bursting into our lives

But your skin was tinted blue

And you struggled to survive.


A month after you

Graced us with your presence,

You slipped away into God’s waiting arms

Leaving nothing behind

But empty space in our hearts.


Oh, tiny Baby Beth,

You missed life’s simple joys -

No pretty pink dresses to wear.

No footprints through the garden

Or hand prints on the wall.


Oh, precious baby beth,

You did not get to play the game of life -

No ABC’s to Learn,

No jobs or wages,

No clothes or shoes or houses to buy.


Oh, innocent Baby Beth,

You never experienced the excitement of

Presents on Christmas morning,

Flowers from your Beau,

Or Your Wedding Day -

Not even a little girl of your own.


Oh, adorable baby Beth

You missed out on the seemingly mundane -

The changing of the seasons,

holidays with family,

And growing old.


Sweet dreams precious baby  Beth

Thank you for blessing our home.



Written in honor of

Beth Arlene McCracken

(December 30, 1920 - January 30, 1921)







Copyright L. Thomson 2016 - All Rights Reserved