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Henry and Elizabeth Brown (Donaldson) Thomas moved around in Missouri, finally settling in Andrew County, Missouri.  They were the parents to 13 children: William Preston (m. Margaret Dalton); Elizabeth Frances (m. Jarvis Kearby); Josiah "Si" (m. Martha Jane Boone, Mary Sophia Albertson, Alcena Dalton); James; George Andrew (m. Louisa Carson); Stephen Henry (m. Ms. Wilson); Sarah Calvin (m. William Silvers); Henry Jr. (m. Sarah Hall); Mary Sue (m. James Castle); Nancy Jane (m. John Ruby); Harrison Mitchell (m. Alice Bartlett); and two children that died in infancy.


George Andrew Thomas, who married Louisa Madeline Carson, the daughter of Henry and Martha (Rebecca) (Fowler) Thomas, is the next in our family line. They married in Andrew County, Missouri in 1869. After the birth of George and Louisa’s children Daisy Ellen (m. Arthur Streeter) and   James William, they moved to Bourbon County, Kansas where Louisa gave birth to two more children Ernest (Owen) [m. Martha(Inez) Dye] and Arthur Lowell "Dick" [m. Pearl Covert]   . George lived to be 96 years of ago, getting his longevity from his mother who lived to be a couple of months shy of 100.

Key Locations: Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, North Carolina

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Cemeteries (All): Clarksburg, Hiattville



George and Louisa (Carson) Thomas Family

Front: Louisa (Carson) Thomas, George Thomas         Back: Arthur Lowell "Dick" Thomas, Oren Thomas, James William "Will" Thomas, daisy Ellen (Thomas) Streeter

Josiah Thomas is the earliest proven  Thomas ancestor.  He was born around 1775 in either North Carolina or Pennsylvania.  His father is believed to be George Thomas, who was also born in America after the family immigrated around 1730 from most likely Great Britain. Various stories exist about the families origin including being Welsh, Dutch, or English who were sent to Ireland. Perhaps someday after Josiah has been fully researched, the answer will come to light.  However, it is bound to be tricky because of  the plenitude of Thomas families.  He married Ruth Mitchell in North Carolina in 1799 and they had 9 children.  About 1830, Josiah and Ruth left North Carolina and moved their family to Ralls County, Missouri after which the children fanned out to various counties across the state.

Henry and Elizabeth B. (Donaldson) Thomas

 Henry Thomas, who served in the Seminole Indian War in Florida, is the son from whom we descend.  Henry married Elizabeth Brown Donaldson in 1838 in Monroe County, Missouri.  Elizabeth was the daughter of  William Donaldson and Jane Marshall, who married in Mason County, Kentucky in 1813.  Details on their ancestry have not been found although Jane’s father is said to have been Thomas.  However, Elizabeth claimed to be related to Chief Justice John Marshall, who was the third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and is considered the father of the justice system.  If a tie is made to this family, then the family is related to many people who were people in the 1700’s and early 1800‘s. Details regarding the investigation into the tie to Chief Justice John Marshall can be found here.

Will and Sadie Thomas  and their three oldest children


Will Thomas and his second wife Belle (Woodward) Thomas

Will stayed single for many years.  It wasn’t until 1935 that he remarried to Bell Woodard.


  • Carson Family History

    Henry Carson's parents are thought to be David and Margaret (Ellis) Carson.  However, this is not proven and must be investigated further as  there were multiple  distinct Carson families in America; however, is seems very likely that the family was in the colonies before 1800.

  • Donaldson Family History

    Elizabeth Brown Donaldson is one of nine children of William Donaldson and Jane Marshall. John was born in  in Fairfax, Virginia in 1784. William's father is thought to be John Donaldson, possibly of Scotland.


    William married Jane Marshall in 1813 in Mason County, Kentucky, which was also the home to Chief Justice John Marshall's father and at least one brother.


    In 1837, John and Jane moved their family  west to Ralls County, Missouri where Elizabeth met and married Henry Thomas.

  • Fowler Family History

    Martha (Rebecca) Fowler was born in Franklin County, Kentucky and was the daughter of Benjamin Fowler and Mary Nailor.  No additional ancestors are known.

  • Marshall Family History

    Jane Marshall was born about 1793 likely in Virginia.  No specific details are known about her before she married William Donaldson in 1813 in Mason County, KY.  See the Mystery page linked on this page for more details.


  • Mitchell Family History

    No information is known on Ruth Mitchell's lineage.

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James William “Will” Thomas,  who married Sadie Ella Ashby (See Ashby page for more details on Sadie's line) in 1902 is next in our family line.  The family lived in Bourbon County, Kansas, Vernon County, Missouri, and Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.  They returned to Bourbon County, Kansas where in 1918, Sadie Ella died of complications of childbirth.  She had given birth to 9 children although only 6 survived  and were named; Dessie Mae (m. Clifford Pellett), Delbert (m. Cecile, Marie Brown), Oren Glenn (m. Stella Jones), Leland Willia (m. Frances, Edith), Verda Leola (m. Harold Eastwood), and Theo Melvin "Bud" Thomas.

Four Generation photo with George Thomas, WIll Thomas, Dessie (Thomas) Pellett, & Marvin Pellett


Children of Will and Sadie (Ashby) Thomas

Front: Theo "Bud" Thomas, Oren Thomas, Leland (a.k.a. Leonard, Tom) Thomas

Back: Dessie (Thomas) Pellett, Verda (Thomas), Delbert Thomas

 Dessie Mae Thomas, from whom we descend, married Clifford Pellett soon after he returned from World War I. See the Pellett page for more information.


Note: Leland was always called by his given name by his sister Dessie; however, at some point, his name was changed to Leonard Wilson Thomas and the military knew him by that name.  However, other friends and family knew him by the name Tom.


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