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Van Allen

Key Locations: Wisconsin, Norway, Sweden

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Cemeteries (All):

Grinda (Hanson) Van Allen and her children

Circa 1917-1918



Warren & Grinda  Van Allen

and their three oldest children

Donna (Van Allen) Thomson

Alexander Thomson, Donna (Van Allen) Thomson, Annetta (Pease) Van Allen, Harley Van Allen

John Van Allen was born in New York in 1828. His wedding record indicates that his father was also named John.  His mother's name may have been Tacy, Lacy, or Lucy.  Although there are leads on his family line, his parents haven't yet been identified.


John moved to Wisconsin prior to October 1858 when he married Sarah Emmaline (or Emmaline Sarah) Chadwick, daughter of Salathiel and Catherine (Porter) Chadwick. John and Sarah became the parents of John (Warren) and Charles Freemont (m. Abigail Farris) before John's life was cut short while serving in the 33rd Wisconsin Regiment during the Civil War.


John (Warren) Van Allen, son of John and Sarah (Chadwick) Van Allen, was born in 1859 in Wisconsin.  He and his brother were only little tykes when their father died at Vicksburg, Mississippi during the Civil War.


Warren first married Ida Welch.  They became the parents of 8 children before her death at age 37: Arthur Wesley (m. Andrea Linret), Leon Leslie (m. Mary Ann Hilde), John E., Alice, Charles Roe/Row (m. Pearl Wood), Kathryn "Carrie" (m. Hans Laurence Petersen), Clarence Ross (m. Marie Peterson), and Floyd (m. Evelyn Grace Calkins).


With young children that required care, Warren remarried about 9 months after Ida’s death. He married Grinda Josephine Hanson, the daughter of Hans (Magnus) and Inga Mary (Anderson) Hanson.  Grinda  was only 15 and was younger than Warren’s two oldest children.  See Hanson for more on Grinda's family line.


Before the birth of their first child, Warren and Grinda had moved from Wisconsin to Brown County, Minnesota.  The only child born in Minnesota was John Warren (m. Bessie May White)  as the family was soon on the move again. Their next stop was Iowa where their daughter Jesse Wilma (m. Edwin Hawley) was born.  The remainder of their children: Josephine Norma (m. Albert Wachter), Vivian Vera (m. John Turley), Harley Murray (m. Annetta Pease), Donna Isabelle, and Kenneth Duane (m. Adla Slepicka) were born in Fremont, Nebraska.


John died at only 54 years of age from injuries sustained in a fall. Grinda was left to raise their seven children.


Donna Isabel Van Allen, daughter of John (Warren) and Grinda Josephine (Hanson) Van Allen, married Alexander Joseph Thomson. (See Thomson for more on their offspring.)


  • Chadwick Family History

    Salathiel & Catherine (Porter) Chadwick


    Salathiel Chadwick

    Salathiel  (possibly Saulthial) Chadwick was born in Ohio, possibly in Perry County, in 1806.  His parents' names are not known. In 1834, he married Catherine Porter (parents unknown).  In the mid-1840's after their first four children were born, they moved to Illinois and then to Wisconsin.  There seems to have been some movement between locations before they finally settled near Haney in Crawford County, Wisconsin, where they lived the remainder of their lives.


    Sarah Emmaline Chadwick

    Sarah Emmaline, was the daughter of Salathiel (or possibly Saulthial) and Catherine (Porter) Chadwick.  Sarah was born in 1841 in Ohio.  She moved with her parents to Illinois and Wisconsin.  In 1858, she married John Van Allen.  After John died, Sarah married Frank Hart.  They were the parents of: William, Herbert Salathiel, Adelia, Tacy, and Luella.  One record shows that Sarah might have been married to a Mr. Jessup before she married Frank Hart, but he is not in the household in the record and this marriage has not been confirmed.


    Sarah died in Crawford County, Wisconsin at age 77.


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